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  1. Hmm... ok. I go to a little family-owned store that sell high-end food. They give out samples because they want people to buy their high-end foods.

    Sorry that didn't help.

    NoNo I found it. I bought a sample size dog pellet at Petsmart! That costs only $2.11

  2. Your images aren't displaying properly. What image hosting site are you using?

    To post an image on a forum, take the image url and post it like this but without spaces:

    [ img ] website/imageid.jpg [ /img ]

    Use whatever site you prefer like photobucket or imgur.

    No problem at my computer.... I fixed it to imgur url.

  3. If your colony is not too large, just pick up free samples at your local pet store. The one near me has little sample bags out to take all the time. Every time I am there I pick a couple up. One serving for a dog is MANY servings for roaches. Plus, I'm getting the "high end" foods rather than cheap stuff...

    Just a thought.

    Thanks for your tip! I have 6 G.oblongonota and 5 H.tenebricosa . There's PETCO and PETSMART nearby.. but I can't find any sample bags.

  4. I live in Maryland and have G.oblongonota and H.tenebricosa for pets and feeders. I'm interested in creating big colony of them.

    I found this Forum while searching for information about H.tenebricosa


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