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    cockroaches, other inverts, herptiles, witchcraft, astrology, art and music, many webcomics/tv shows/video games

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  1. wcbpolish, that's a really cool site! i'll definitely use it. thanks hisserdude, i bought them online from bugsincyberspace so i'm pretty sure they are pure stock. thanks again for your advice
  2. that's probably a good idea, heh. i'd hate to separate them, though; do you think they'd miss each other? i'm probably just anthropomorphizing them, but they really do seem to have personality. currently i'm just using guesswork on the temperature and humidity, which has been fine, but i might get a thermometer/humidity gauge soon. also i really doubt anyone near me wants roaches! i might try craigslist but ohio is a pretty conservative place. maybe i'll be surprised though. perhaps i should order some flat rate boxes...
  3. i've had a few hissers for a little over 5 months now. one of the girls just had around 50 babies. i'm keeping them in an airtight storage container right now and they're all doing fine. i know i don't really want to keep them so i'm not sure what to do about them? seeing as this will probably happen again, does anyone have advice for selling them or otherwise getting rid of them? selling them might be an option but i don't have much experience shipping anything, let alone live animals. the nearest reptile supply store that i think might take them is way too far away honestly. its wonderful living in ohio and keeping roaches i hope this is in the right forum, even if most people come here with the intent of actually breeding roaches
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