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  1. Hissing Cockroach, they never hiss at me and let me "pet" them
  2. I'm going to be buying a tiger centipede pretty soon, I've already done a lot of reading into them but it always helps if a user has a tip for me. Thanks! Centipede --> http://shop.bugsincy...pede-bic603.htm Its House --> http://shop.bugsincy...itat-bic179.htm I will be using the coconut fibers as the substrate.
  3. A lot of the users like to trade or buy on here, go to the AD listings and you can either sell them or just give them away, either way somebody here will probably take them. Also if you don't want them to breed then just stick to only having same sex roaches rather than the continuous risk of having more babies.
  4. I would never steal roaches if they were in good shape, but the fact that what Hisserdude even said, theres no reason for us to just let them die out like that. no reason at all.
  5. Not trying to get you to do criminal activity but if theres more and you don't have enough money to save them all, you can always bring in a backpack and save all of their lives, rather than having them die a slow death in the back of a store. Just a thought.
  6. Get a big pet carrier if you're not planning to breed, it works great and is easy to use! Plus you can take your roaches with you places as I'm the only one that actually feeds and takes care of them so they get to enjoy my vacation as much as I do.
  7. you can try it, but crush it up for them that way it is easier for them to eat said bamboo.
  8. If you want to buy them online then go to roachcrossing.com, I don't think the pet stores will sell them online and if you wanted a certain size and type it would be easier to buy it online as most of the roaches at the pet store are not nymphs but more in the teenage to adult area.
  9. Happy birthday! Have a good one!

  10. I've been shopping online and came across a $500 roach, why is it so expensive? What makes it be so much money? VIA: http://shop.bugsincyberspace.com/Macropanesthia-rhinoceros-Rhino-Roach-Pair-bic236.htm
  11. WOW! I went to roachcrossing and I am very pleased about the reviews and the selection of roaches to get into
  12. I've been checking through a lot of sites looking to buy some male hissing cockroaches, sadly almost all of them are mixed and if they're not they try to sell 10 at a time! I only want 2-4 male hissing cockroaches. If somebody could link me a site or possibly sell me some please send me some info!
  13. A lot of the users on here tend to buy their roaches online, I think doing that would be a lot easier for me as the nearest place to buy my roaches is 45 minutes away, but I need to know a good website that I don't get scammed on and come with the best and healthy roaches that I want.
  14. Thanks for the help all of you! I can't wait to get my males next time I'm in town!
  15. This is for my two roaches, if you want to breed them I suggest you look into it on youtube, as I do not breed my roaches
  16. If you want hissers just go to your local pet store and go to the feeding section, The containers are very cheap and come with two hissing cockroaches, be careful as some may arrive pregnant. I've had my two female hissers for about a year now and they're always together on their little log I gave them, If you you're not breeding them and want a small number then just get a large pet carrier cage, its perfect for them! TDLR 1. Go to petshop and look for roaches near the food section 2. Buy large pet carrier for them to live in 3. Buy squirt bottle 4. Buy cocconut grounds (this is the dirt on which they will on, they love it!) 5. Learn about what and what not to feed them and give them ground cat food or dog food with every meal. 6. Give them some hiding spots like a log (my roaches just love to sit on their log) 7. Mist the cage everyday so that it remains humid, they like it humid 8. Clean cage whenever you feel like its dirty 9. Have fun with your hissers!
  17. I want to try something new, my two female hissers always get along but I'm curious if the males would get along with each other if I bought some to live together? If so how often do they fight and is there a risk of death? I don't want them to die. If this turns downhill then I will most likely stick to keeping female hissers.
  18. I could never do that to a roach, I love mine too much to hurt them.
  19. what about blackberries? sometimes when I go on trails or go fishing I see a bunch of them and it would be great if I can have a supply of them!
  20. Thats amazing! Can any roach breed with each other or do they have to be somewhat similar? always wanted to breed hybrids but not sure what to do
  21. Thats so funny lmao! I love the little hats you have given them!
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