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  1. Forgot to post but this experiment was a failure the silicone didnt adhear to the lids and fell off. Big waste of time money and silicone
  2. metal window screen on the inside then a layer of pantyhose in the middle then more metal screen on the outside for tiny species.
  3. i was either going to get a dimmer switch or just 2 cheap thermos from a hardware store. Ill post when i decide
  4. Well as i said before i really dont want to risk the heat tape (we live in a wood house!!!) so i ordered 2 heat cables and ill let you guys know how it goes once im all setup
  5. BTW i havnt forgotten i have lots of pics to share soon, just waiting for the silicone to dry so i can remove the lids... it takes a long time with no ventilation for the silicone to dry....
  6. looks like a polyphagid of some sort.... i want!!!
  7. I did a trial run today for the silicone gasket type seal. Not sure yet if its working but in the morning i would know if it worked. I took a few poor quality pics but im not sure how useful they will be. I will start a new thread if it works saying exactly how to do it. Thanks.
  8. Anyone ever used zoomeds reptile heat cable for roaches? Im thinking it would be better than the flexiwatt heat tape because if heard horror stories of them lighting on fire and i DONT trust my own electrical skills. Thanks.
  9. Well all i have camera wise is my blackberry so ill see what i can do for you! I think it will require clamps afterward because its improbable that the silicone will be a perfect fit on its own without some pressure, but ill let you know Thanks.
  10. Any one ever tried this? I heard a few years ago of a guy using Vaseline around the top rim of a Rubbermaid bin and then adding a bead of silicone around the in side of the lid where it contacts the top rim. The he would put the lid back on and add a little bit of weight and let it cure. Once done he would use a heat gun to sort of melt the Vaseline to break any suction and then remove the lid. The result was a perfectly sealed lid with a gasket like those bins made out of the silicone. Because he smeared the top rim of the bin with Vaseline the silicone only stuck to the lid and not the bin itself. Please let me know if you don't understand (im not very good at describing hings like this) but i am thinking of trying it for a Periplaneta japonica bin. I was also told to use pantyhose for screening instead of mesh.
  11. I got my new bins yesterday and i love them. These are for most species that i just want to keep as "collector" colonies and keep small. The large bins are 190 oz round deli cups and at 6 inches tall and 9.75 inches wide they are very impressive. The smaller bins are standard large 32 oz delis with poly fabric "insect lids" (for really tiny species). I am wondering how i should vent the large ones? They have no holes right now so i was hoping to get some of that micro screening from Matt K for 5 or 10 of them and the rest ill use standard screen. I don't want to cut holes in the sides because i want to be able to see in without any problems. As for the tops they are crystal clear and i don't want to cut the hole to big. I was thinking of 4 equally spaced 1 inch holes or a single centered 2 inch square hole. I'm planning on building a rack system so there will be adequate airflow because the shelf i'm using is 3 feet deep and if i stack them the back ones will get no air circulation. Also does anyone know if hot glue will warp or melt these delis? Zypher i saw that you used these any opinion/pros cons ? I attached a couple ideas laid out with pieces of paper on top of one lid. The first is the 2 inch square single vent and the second is 4 one inch square vents laid out kind of equally. I'm very excited to get this done and get my new bugs in them and happy. Cheers,
  12. Ok so I'm getting back into keeping these guys after a long hiatus with only Eublaberus as feeders in my collection. I would like to hear what everyone uses for their large medium and small sized roaches as im getting all three . For larger ones i am planning on using my staple fish tanks because i still have many in large sizes (50 gallons and up) but for medium sized roaches (by medium sized i mean colony size and roach size) i was thinking of getting some plastic containers. My problem is all the online ones don't have good enough pictures so that i can see if they are airtight or not. For most species this isn't a problem but i would like to have a matching setup with all one size of bins just to take the hassle out of stacking different sized ones. My ideal bin would be 10 to 20 gallons and airtight so i can drill holes and add 1/16th inch screen or 200 micron micro screen (thanks to Matt K who suggested it). But so far in my search all i can find is odd shapes and sizes none of them to my liking. The best option Ive found is 5 gallon food grade buckets. I have tried to use these in the past but i only had the home depot ones and while struggling to remove the lid i disturbed the colonies inside so much they were already flying out by the time i got the top off (Panchlora nivea). I was wondering if anyone found a good way around this? Or if anyone has had better success with other types of buckets mainly the food grade lids since they are apparently easier to get off. So far the food grade buckets seem to be the best choice since they are only $2.30 each with lids. Only problem is i haft to buy 100 haha and that's a lot of bugs. These also seem to be less efficient space wise since they are round. It was also hard for me to add vents because of the lack of edges to measure from to center them properly. If anyone has any thoughts or pros and cons please feel free to post no matter how small since everything is helpful to me and many people starting out. Any brand names or serial numbers would be great to. Pics are more than welcome to help explain any points as well since hey who doesn't like pics right? Thanks froggy
  13. the proper name is Eublaberus posticus (thanks Olivia for correting me) i would get them off the peat to acidic i would put them on a 50/50 mix of coco fiber and dirt how ever deep is fine mine are at 7 inches and i have less that 10 adults and am getting tons of babies from them cypress seems to be worse than peat to me if they eat it and you feed them to your reptiles you may kill the reptiles from the resin just a though i would feed them veggies and cat food many brand name dog foods add a slight pesticide to their food to keep worms under control in the dogs cat food usually doesnt have this fish food is high in phosporous tho mammals do need this for healthy growth on the other hand this is a poison to inverts if will make them produce less young this is used mainly for the protein and so is dog/cat food i urge people to get dried soy beans and boil them to a soft texture then feed to the roaches cheaper and healthier a bit more time consuming tho (sorry for the spelling its 6:13AM here)
  14. froggy


    welcome vic looks like ill haft to see what i have and you dont so we can get trading thanx froggy
  15. honestly a tight lid is best those barriers just make a mess an bug barrier straght up sucks! i use vasaline for most and hate it another option is packing tape around the inside of the containers thanx froggy
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