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  1. people over frogfreaks.com, talkto.thefrog.org, fatfrogs.7.forumer.com some very knowledgeable people think there is something bad in dog food specifically, but I don't recall what, and I would like to know if it is really the case... maybe the roach just destroy those bad stuffs? I have no knowledge about the matter! I just breed them:)
  2. wow matt that sure is a lot of useful information! thanks for sharing and congrats on that amazing collection of... plenty of weird stuffs! I only have dubias colony right now, but they're huge! (few thousands) and that isopod cleaning their tubs is pretty interesting.. I will need to get more information about those! Pillbugs are isopods right? I am thinking about having pillbugs and springtails colonies too... Greets Charlotte
  3. if I recall correctly, my dubias didn't seem to like kiwis... I have heard a few people saying that specially dog food but also cat food wasn't good for the roaches that would then feed amphibians. Anyone got real informations about that matter? Anyone tried feeding celery too? I know it's doesn't contain any vitamins or nutrients so I haven't tried.
  4. I am pretty sure I could find info on the forum about this matter if the search feature would work properly, but I'll harass you guys some more cause I really want to know!!! I saw a lot of people stating that dog and cat food wasn't good for roaches, and specially for the animals you feed to roach to. Is that true? I would really like to have facts instead of opinions please! What about fish flakes? Is that good? I have dubias btw if you couldn't tell I am currently feeding them carrots, broccoli, lettuce and mostly any fruits and veggies I buy, dog/cat/fish/rabbit food! Thanks in advance! Charlotte
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