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    I love anime and I sometimes cosplay. I love insects and animals. I am fascinated by Axolotls because they are adorable looking. My favorite animal is a skunk, preferably the spotted skunk.

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  1. Yeah, sadly I think I may have a small infestation of germans. I caught another one earlier. I think its a male. I just tossed him in with her for now. I plan to get some Boric acid. Luckily they aren't too fast lol if they do have babies I guess I will just have to cull them. I need to finish eating my pickles in my gallon pickle jar so I can place them in that seeing as its much more airtight than what they are in now
  2. http://imgur.com/p6gnebJ Took forever to get a nice clear pic lol. You can tell the wings are messed up but she seems fine otherwise. She is a cutie but I am pretty sure that I don't plan on breeding her haha
  3. Update: It definitely is a Blattella Germanica and molted into a adult a few days ago. It definitely had a mismolt as it wings arent laying nicely on its body. I am assuming it may have crossed pesticide before it got to me and that potentially caused the mismolt. It doesn't seem affected though so she should be fine. She is fun to watch
  4. I will have to look up how big they should be. It definitely isn't shriveled and I will say its pretty hard. I could tell by the feel of it. I hope it does hatch. Thanks for the help hisserdude. By the way, do you spot clean your roach cages? I been wiping poop whenever there are large amounts. I use a wet tissue paper, no soap.
  5. Alright thanks. I will be honest. At first I though she may have been a he. But I just found a Ootheca (spelled right?) in the tank. So far she is my only one and had her since a nymph so I know she hasn't mated yet. So I am keeping it in there just in case, since I read that they can be parthogenic (I hope I have that spelled right lol) any way to tell if they are fertile or not?
  6. XD its funny because I never expected to have two of the pest variety as my first roaches lol I was planning on hissers, dubias, or the skunk roach as one of my first I find the german more entertaining right now than my Smoky Brown who is always hiding lol
  7. I hope so its so cute too, if it recently molted, which I will safely assume since it has become a little darker, then it may be a little while until it molts again. I will definitely measure it if it doesnt die.
  8. http://imgur.com/rvVTmlR This is a newer above pic, looks like it darkened up a bit.
  9. I will say the roach has fattened up since I caught it. I still have it in the betta container since it can't get over the vaseline. I watched it go around every inch trying to get over but no luck. I feel like it gave up now since I haven't seen it attempt to climb the walls half the day. I don't know about dust being in the vitamin jar seeing as they were gummy vitamims but it is extremely smooth on the inside. http://imgur.com/3JaXD1b Side view http://imgur.com/sL3IsuM Frontal View I did notice it is seems to be missing a couple of feet from its legs
  10. Are there adult germans without wings? I was wondering if it recently molted since I read somewhere that they are flat and circular after molting and it definitely is pretty flat. It seemed to like the oats I put in there and I gave it a apple slice. I moved it into a old betta container. The ones you place sick bettas in with vaseline on the top. Not glass but inside is a little scratched so it could explain why it could climb that surface but not the vitamin jar. I could test and place it in a old gallon betta bowl and see how how well it does in that. How often do you see wingless germans? The townhomes I stay at do pest control but I think they skipped mine in september or just did the outside. So I am hoping it was just a stray seeing that I have yet to see a single roach in the house except a couple Periplaneta Fuliginosa. We are near small patch of woods and my kitten kills bugs like no tomorrow. You would think I would find more roach corpses but all I end up finding are dead black beatles. -.- I am not too worried yet but I do plan to keep it. If it is a german I will definitely be moving it back to the vitamin jar to keep it secure until I get a escape proof container. I will see if it darkens up more or not but it looks like it has a brown face. Its actually cute >.< I am glad it doesnt have wings
  11. <a href='http://i.imgur.com/tWeOPAk' title=''><img src='http://i.imgur.com/tWeOPAk.jpg' alt='' title='Hosted by imgur.com' /></a>
  12. I got distracted but is there any pest variety that can't climb smooth surfaces?
  13. Hey, I am Misa I have a few questions that I cant seem to find. I found a roach which at first I thought was a german. It is still a nymph from the looks but it had the two stripes on its protonum. (Which is why I assumed German) Its a pretty golden color. I will post a photo when I get off work. I don't think its a german since it can't climb smooth surfaces and its not too fast either. I actually stored it in my empty gummy vitamin container. The ones where you have to push down and twist to open. So its pretty secure right now. It is pretty cute The maintenance men today recently removed all the dead pine leaves off the room of the townhome so I figured it may be a reason I found it in the house. I am not too worried xD I am more curious tif anything
  14. It is possible. I have seen her out more. Maybe her hiding was a nymph thing. I gave her a piece of cat food that I had soaked in water earlier today. I saw some pieces gone so thats exciting. Hisserdude, it was. She looked a little weird when I saw her all white. I am assuming those bumps were her wings at the time. She darkened a bit more since the last photo. I plan to get substrate for her and a heating pad when I can seeing as its getting much cooler at night. I have found a few species I would love to have next. Like the flat horn hisser and halloween hisser are probably next. It'll be quite fun to do I plan to get some more of them in future. I just need to make sure the 10 gal is extra secure seeing as the lid is loose fitting and when babies start coming I dont want any escapees lol
  15. Hello, I am new here. Made my account about a week or so ago and finally decided to say watsup! I love anime, recently started cosplaying, and I own 2 ferrets and a cat who kills most insects that sneak in. I recently found out the roach I caught a month ago is a Smoky Brown Roach after it molted into an adult. (Periplaneta fuliginosa) I have it in a 10gal tank right now but plan to move it into a more secure container in the future. Once I can finish off those pickles -.- I have a question. Is the care for Smokey brown roach the same as an American cockroach since they are closely related? Is there any way to tell gender other than the styli? I am positive mine is a female Does anyone have any experience or advice about them? Mine always is hiding and doesnt seem to eat much so I am wondering if its normal behavior. Thanks you guys and nice to meet you all!
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