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  1. We have tones of these down here, really if anyone is interested in them (wild caught) let me know. I can have the Fiance grab a bunch. We mostly find them in our storage unit but they were in the last place we lived. Honestly I really am not a fan of Crickets of any sort. For some reason they just creep me out. It might be with the cave crickets though that the first time I had ever seen them was when we had just moved into our last place. I had crawled into bed and was have asleep when I felt something crawling on me. I told my fiance that I thought something was in the bed he told me it
  2. Alrighty, well I voted for a little of both. Here is where religion gets a little wonky. I have no problems with anyones beliefs and will not smash them as such. But personally here is what is basically my belief. I believe in a Goddess, yes I know probably the only pagan on bored here...and a female too sheesh There for, yes there is creation/intelligent design. But as I don't believe in the christian form of god this aspect is a little different. Honestly I believe that we were created to evolve. We are given the option of free will, as well as the way for us to adapt to the settings w
  3. Thank you very much, I wanted to make sure cause I'm looking for the question marks. And I've had people tell me that the others were the same. Again thanx
  4. impressive, not gross but hell I don't know that I could not gage with them wiggling around in my tonsil region...
  5. I always liked bugs as a little girl, but like a lot of girls my parents told me it was bad and tried to keep me away from "boy things". In turn I revolted, I cut off all my hair and wore nothing but boy clothing for a long time. Well now I'm a long haired red head with a growing attraction to her Fiance's Madagascar Hissing cockroaches and B. Dubias. I wear what I like to, which means I rarely fit into any fashion scene and am often called strange. anyhow with my weird intro I joined to learn and chat with other roach lovers
  6. These are gorgeous I just love them, but I have a question. And point me in the opposite direction if its already been asked. Are the Domino roaches the same as the Therea Grandjeani shown here http://www.doubleds.org/files/grandgeni.jpg I've heard the Terea Grandjeani called dominos but I was unsure.
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