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  1. Yeah sure. By all means, you can use them. I wish I had better ones(consistent lighting) for you to use. I'm sure photocredits will be required(they were for all the papers/presentations I've had to do), so I'm sure my name will suffice. Amelia Warsing.
  2. Well that is encouraging. Here is the rest of the molt.
  3. I just witnessed my first molt. HOLY COW! That was cool. I took the lid off the enclosure and saw one convulsing as if it was breathing hard. So I wondered, "Do roaches really breath like that?" Then I saw the crack on its head. "OH NO! Maybe it is dying! Oh wait. It might be molting." I was very worried there for a second. Then it kicked in that it was actually molting which I had never seen before. I jumped up and started scrambling for my camera. Dead batteries. "Son of a-!" So I ran frantically downstairs "OMG OMG OMG! Mom! Where is your camera?" No memory card. Easy fix! Memory card full. Oh come on! Delete delete delete. After I took a few pictures I ran down to show mom why I was so excited. Of course dad was in the room. "Is it those damn bugs?" and he tried to change the subject to horses. I will have more pictures up in just a little bit. Like a dolt, I deleted the first picture where you could just see the frist crack on the head. I was very disappointed, but that is what I get for being hasty. I know some of you are probably saying to yourselves "Newb." But I don't care, that was freaking awesome! I've never seen anything like that!
  4. That is awesome! Literally. I am in awe. At first glance they all look the same. When you actually LOOK you see the variations. That is TOO cool! Despite the obvious slight(to my eyes) variations, how do you tell them apart? If someone were to put these four species in front of you, what would you look for in determining the species?
  5. Well, I know now! At least on one of them is a male. I almost dropped him because I wasn't expecting it. http://s63.photobucket.com/albums/h146/Mok...ent=Roach53.jpg http://s63.photobucket.com/albums/h146/Mok...ent=Roach51.jpg http://s63.photobucket.com/albums/h146/Mok...ent=Roach50.jpg I'm worried about one little roach though. It has not grown at all. It is still about an inch long while the others are all pushing two.
  6. Embarrasing would be what the boys of that age would probably do to the creature. I could just picture the group of jocks pulling its wings and limbs off one by one or some other despicable form of torture. Running and screaming from an unknown terror, like silly girls are prone to do is very humorous to me. I am so happy my neice isn't like that. She is the prissy cheerleader type, but loves her auntie's creepy pets. I can't wait to show her my roaches. The last time she was here, she promptly informed me that spiders were not "bugs" because they had eight legs, so I think she'll like them.
  7. ROTFL!!! Haha, I am laughing so hard I am crying. I bet half of those girls didn't know what they were screaming and running from. Whooo! Holy cow! That is great.
  8. I just thought I'd post some more photos. Enjoy.
  9. Okay good. My seven had a day of sixty four degrees yesterday. I did everything I could think of. I put them in the warmest room(still a miserable sixty something), on a heat mat, and I even put some Hot Hands in a sock and put it in there. I went out and bought a Reptisun infrared bulb that afternoon, and it has kept it a snuggly, steady eighty four degrees. Meanwhile my dog and I are still freezing in our sheets. Mum won't let me turn my heat on yet. I was very afraid of lasting effects of that one chilly afternoon. They are all alive though and doing well, as far as I can tell.
  10. What exactly will(or might) happen if the temperature in your enclosure drops below 68 degrees? It seems on all Hisser info sites I have read, that is almost always the first mention on temperature. I was just curious, what happens? Also, are they like fish where dramatic temperature variations or changes can be harmful or stressful to thier health? Thanks! Amelia
  11. Whoo, two of the little ones escaped last night. I thought I had caulked all the holes but I missed one on the rim, that I guess thought it would have been covered by the lid...Nope. I walked into my room and saw one on the wall of the container. I was somewhat happy to see that they were out and about, but as I went to take the lid off, I saw that it was on the outside wall. Oh crap...I flicked him off and put him back in and then dug around to count the rest. I put them in thier food dish to keep them contained and together when I count them. I found six. There should have been seven. Crap. So I put the lid on and started tapping my fingers(a nervous habit) on the table wondering how I was going to explain it to mom and the missing Seventh scurried out from under the container. YAY! I'll be aquarium caulking the hole tonight. I really want one of these guys to molt out. I wouldn't know, do Tiger Hissers often have almost solid red hues? This one is the only one who is mostly red. The other little ones, at the most, have little red spots. This is my biggest one. I like how it is turning out. Very promising. My hands really shook the first couple of times I messed with them. I wonder if I was scared. I didn't think I was. Well, what do you know. Now I am fine. I was worried about them not eating(though the second night while checking on them, I saw one hugging the end of a broccoli stem just gnawing away. Very cute.) or being very active, but the other night I put in quite a bit of dark green lettuce and over half of it was gone in the morning, so at least I know they are eating(and what they appear to like).
  12. Oh okay. So other than good food, a clean source of plentiful water, warm temps, high humidity, safe hiding spots and some Sinatra playing in the background, what other particulars should be taken into consideration? Okay, about sexing, I read that males will have a "narrower ventral opening" or something like that and females have a wider and somewhat upraised ventral area? Is that surefire? Of course, when they are adults I will know for sure, but I think it would be fun to guess what I have as best I can and then see when they are adults how my first-time guesses stand up. By ventral segments, to you mean the number of segments or what I read about narrowness? Either way, I'll be happy with whatever I end up with.
  13. Ooh, cool. They look like my little guys(of course). Cute little ones you have there.
  14. Oh sweet DVR. I didn't catch it, but I *think* I recorded it. I'll have to check.
  15. I'm not that worried about babies yet, but what...difficult aspect is that? How old do you think these guys are? The largest(shown in top pic) is about an inch and a half long. The rest almost an inch. Also, should I be able to see what sex they are now, or will that be like the coloration, where it takes a few molts? Heh heh. They are really neat. I like them a lot. Luckily for me, the favorite hang out seems to be right in front of the thermometer which is right next to the front of the tank.
  16. I am no longer roachless. I just got a group of hisser nymphs(Supposed to be Tiger Hissers). Most of my family thinks I have lost it(heh, just wait until my neice gets down here. She'll love them. I might just sneak one home with her.) and a couple of my coworkers thought they were neat as all get out. They are tiny little suckers. The largest ones are about an inch and a half long. The rest are about the size of my thumbnail. They are just the cutest little things. What do you think of them? (That is my index finger) What about this guy? He looks pretty red. I am just facinated by them. They are just too cute for words. Is there any special consideration for nymphs that I need to give them?
  17. How're they doing? Eating okay? Any escapes?
  18. All together my family has: 45 American Saddlebred horses, 11 dogs(some are my two sisters but they come over during the day), 3 cats(Tom, Jerry, Wally), 3 bettas, 2 goldfish, 2 Sheep, 1 parakeet. Oh gee is that all? I could drown you with pictures, but I won't. These are the two horses that I own. Pixie Dust and her new baby. I will probably name him "He Can Fly". My two dogs, Ari(Sheltie) and Basil(lab mix). My Sheepies. They are really my sister's but I am the one taking care of them, and my sister hates them after having to chase them, so they will just be my sheepies.
  19. I was thinking about using fish food. I'll get my first roaches next week. What kind of fish food do you use Matt?
  20. That is really neat. I like that idea. For my soon to be roaches, I plan to use water crystals. I ordered a load of water crystals, because I was wanting to use them in the barn to keep down dust(as claimed by Ramm Fence Co.). I hope it works for both the roaches and the dust.
  21. Oh yes! Thanks! It looks almost identical to the wood roach nymph pictures. I was tempted to catch them, but I have a feeling those little guys are going to be tough. They are living on a really groovy(literally) tree.
  22. While walking the pastures tonight(yes at midnight, it sounded like a horse was caught in the fence), I came across this cutie on a tree. It is about one inch long. There were only two that I could find.
  23. Well, by golly, then that's good! Haha. How do you like them so far?
  24. How cool. I like your set up, and your roaches of course. I don't know though. Do you have some sort of barrier for them, or something on that lid. I would only assume(or be paranoid) that they could get out of that lid. You sound like me. "Mom wasn't to thrilled about them..." Hahah! I only just got the growly okay to get a few...to start. Hehe.
  25. I'm hoping to get some hissers pretty soon. I got the growly okay from mom when I had her help me get my stand up the stairs to my room. And to heck with my Ag teacher. Lele, thank you very much. I will definitely try that later on. I think I understand. Okay, I haven't changed much, other than getting the tank on the right stand, and getting in the food and water dishes.
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