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  1. Okay, I just thought I'd share a few more that I found yesterday. Mom thought I was going insane. Can you see the fly? Ooh, I found another one! And this is one I have never seen before. It is probably a third the size of the other garden spiders that I am familiar with. Bad picture. It started to run before I could get the picture. I have a couple other really neat pictures that I don't have up yet. Enjoy!
  2. I didn't know if this should be here or in the General Discussion Section, but I was just curious: For those who actively sell thier insects to the public, do you see an increase in demand in October due to Halloween and the need for "Creepy Crawlies" in thier *cough* "Spooktacular" events/displays?
  3. It is all in what you buy. All dog/cat foods list both the ingredients and the percentage of fat, moisture, protein and other things that are necessary(I need to find my notebook on that to remember what is ideal). Most store brands are crap, even for dogs and cats, you are right: Mostly corn and chicken meal which is just by product, like bones and ick. Very little actual chicken. Just pay attention to lables. I am more picky over the lables of my dog food than I am of the crap I find myself eating. The really good dog/cat food will often get pretty pricey, too, so it might actually be cheaper to just cook hamburger, if of course you don't have a dog or cat. Now what some pet food companies say is that plant protein is the same as animal protein, which is why you see more vegetables and plants being added to a diet for our household carnivores. I personally don't think so. Either way, thanks for the tips. I wonder, though, what are some other ways to get protein to your colonies? I read somewhere that "the occasional cricket" is a good source. I assume dead crickets.
  4. Cool! That is so very neat. How big is it in comparison to the roach itself?
  5. Actually, I have considered them. They intrigue me (among other things, hah), although I'll admit I'm a bit creeped out by them. I'd have to start doing some research on them though, which I shall eventually. I'll have to ask my old greenhouse teacher from school if there is a way to naturally, or artificially, preserve leaves. I don't know how well the fake ones would look, but, yeah, I do like the greenery in there.
  6. Thanks Chris and borrow away. And thanks for the tips everybody.
  7. Thanks! I found that the ones in the last photo take thier webs down during the day. None of them were out this morning when I went to check on them. That picture of the...(copy & paste hehe) Argiope aurantia was a very tricky shot. I guess I was getting too close because the thing kept shaking the web. When I pulled out, it was fine. I had some better pictures from a couple years ago, actually, but they were on my other computer which I literally destroyed. I'll try to find the prints.
  8. Sweet! That is a really cool looking spider. And Kieth, there is nothing funnier than watching someone walk into a spiderweb...Muahaha!
  9. Oh I just really like spiders. I don't know if I would want to keep any of them, but I like to see them where they show up outside. I always try to take pictures of the notable ones around the farm. This is a teeny little sucker who lives on one of the fence posts. He thinks he's tough. I try not to mess with him. You go to undo the latch and he runs out of his nook at your hand. I'm not prey, I swear! Hehe, he's about the size of my fingernails. Here is a garden spider that lives in my sister's window. I think these guys are my favorite. For some reason, this is the only one that I have found this year. One year, I counted over twenty separate webs around the house. It must be because this year has been exceptionally dry that not many are around this year. And here is a big fuzzy guy that I almost ran straight into last night(anyone hear the joke about how the funniest thing in the world is to see someone walk into a spiderweb?). He seemed comparable to a golf ball in size. He's a big one now, hah! Tonight when I took these pictures, I noticed about three other webs with smaller ones on them. The main body of this one's web was about two and a half feet and diameter and stretched probably twelve feet, from tree to fence. So cool! Sorry about the indistinguishable spider. I took it at night and the flash was screwing it up. Still a neat photo though. I need to go take some more pictures and get some better ones of "Ol' Fuzzy". I noticed in some of the older trees we have some impressive tunnel spider webs, and there are a whole heck of a lot of gangly brown ones with stripes under logs. Enjoy!
  10. Hah, I am working mom over, and if not...well, she doesn't have to see me open that mysterious package in the mail...hehehe Yeah, I was telling her about a really cool spider I almost ran into last night. It was HUGE and fuzzy. It was slightly bigger than a silver dollar. I wonder if its still out there...I'm going to have to go check. I should have gotten a picture of it. Ever since I was little, though, my favorite hunting grounds were under a couple rail road ties in our front yard. Worms freak me the heck out. I act like a sissy girl when those things come into play. I even have issues with meal worms. But things with legs I'm fine with.
  11. Still working on it. Water dish and food dish are planned to go right up front there in that open space in the middle. I will probably use .97 cent ash trays from WalMart like I used when I had mice. I just have to dig them out. And no worry of pesticides here. The only bug we take a stand against are flys in the barn.
  12. Hi! As some of you all know, I love asking questions. The greatest joy in life is learning. I just thought I'd give you all a little biography. I hope you don't mind a mini-book. It is late and I'm delaying working on my room. I don't have any roaches yet. I will have some soon, though. I can't wait(well I CAN, but that is besides the point). I DID play with hissers at the Zoo all the time, when I was younger and was taking classes. I think I was the only girl who wasn't "Ewww! Bugs!" That is the type I hope to get soon, hissers. After browing the forum, though, I realize that there is SO MUCH MORE to this hobby, than I could have ever imagined. Some of the roaches that have been posted are just gorgeous. Mom would kill me though....hehehe. She's not to thrilled about my interest in hissers as it is. I really love spiders. I couldn't tell you a thing about them, but the facinate me nonetheless. I am currently in my out of high school college search. I didn't want to be like most of my class mates who have spent several thousand dollars to come to the realization that they didn't know what they wanted to do. To me that realization should be as cheap as possible. My dad is a Horse Trainer. We have American Saddlebred horses and Hackney ponies. We currently have a little over forty horses on the farm. I "own" three of them. I just had my first baby of my own, out of my mare, to be registered in my name, and so on. I feel like the little red hen. Mine mine mine. I work with the broodmares, babies, and yearlings, up until they are mature enough to go on to more advanced training, like getting broke to ride and drive. I don't fancy myself a rider of ANY kind, so I just stick to groundwork until I get a horse suitable for me to refresh what I do know. I work part time at a movie theater. I can do it all. I can do everything from sell popcorn and tickets, to clean auditoriums, to doing everything in the projection booth. I can thread them through the projectors for shows, I can put them together, tear them apart...I am still gunshy over scratching a film or (god forbid) dropping one. I have the advantage of being the only active girl projectionist, so if I need a film moved, I just get one of the guys to do it, and let THEM risk dropping it. Hah! I'm sure I have more, but I think that is enough about me for now. See you all! So far, I am very impressed. It is nice to have a place to turn. I fully intend to utilize everybody's knowledge as much as I can. Have a great day everyone! Amelia
  13. Man, I can't tell you how much I enjoy putting stuff like this together. Something tells me that this tank would be much appreciated by several creatures other than roaches(not at the same time of course, hah!). What do you guys think of it? That big orange-brown one is actually almost hollow as the darker brown one on the right, only twisty. Lots of little nooks in that one. This is a 29gallon tank. Is there a potential health hazard for using stuff you find outside? Is there any preparation that needs to be done to those? This is almost as much fun as "Tank Cleaning Day" for my bettas. As soon as I get my grubby, clustered room cleaned and organized, can get some, whether they go in this tank or not.
  14. Haha, already trying to convert him!
  15. Oh no, I wasn't trying to be snitty when I said that in my reply. I really do appreciate the info. That is actually the clearest info I have gotten(possibly because it is all right there next to my exact questions). You gave me exactly what I needed. I know now that I HAVE a place I can have questions answered which I love. The greatest joy in life is learning. Now what about the mating question: 7. Do females need to mate every time they produce a brood, or do they just mate once and produce subsequent broods thereafter? There are some variables involved with this. So yes, and yes. Is there a brief way to sum that up or another post or article link that explains it? Say, for example, you end up with a gravid female(right term?) that you do not keep in contact with a male. After she has the first brood, will she be, in horse terms "Open", or will she produce other broods after that first?
  16. Why thank you very much! You are very helpful. I'll add this to my notebook. And yeah, I have gleaned enough from my reading to know that they are not complicated, but do you blame me for wanting to know as much as possible, before I get a group. I do this for every animal I get. It is best to know as much as possible up front. I have notebooks for all lof my pets. All the types of fish I keep, my birds, my rodents, my dogs(both on breed and care), my horses, and I have starts on other creatures I that interest me. I got into the habit years ago and I didn't think I'd break it on a couple of mere bugs.
  17. Hi all! I am currently working on getting some Hissing Cockroaches here in the near future. I have to get my tank set up, my supplies ready, prepared, and set up, my proposed schedule ready, and my all important notebook. I just have some questions that I think I still need answered. 1. What is the preferred substrate for (your) hissers? What types of mixes? 2. What materials should be avoided specifically? 3 . How deep should the substrate be? 4. What is the easiest way to water hissers that will keep the water clean, clear and safe? 5. How long to the gel crystal things last? (x amount lasts so long) 6. Can you use crictet watering methods, like water pillows, cricket drink/quench, to water roaches? I've never kept either, so I don't know. 7. Do females need to mate every time they produce a brood, or do they just mate once and produce subsequent broods thereafter? 8. What animals will readily prey on them? 9. Is there much of a difference nutritionally feeding roaches as compared to crickets? 10. Do you "gut load" the same way? 11. What is the best way to introduce roaches to thier new environment? 12. What should I look for when inspecting my roaches upon arrival/purchase? 13. Should I house the potentially injured(at any point), separately from the rest? 14. I read somewhere that they prefer to be in groups. What is the lowest number to keep, would you reccommend? 15. Do solitary males have any adverse health issues? Live shorter lives, etc... Should I have my roaches shipped. 16. What is the most common shipping method/price? 17. Are casualties common? 18. What factors most influence death during shipping? 19. What time of year/temperature range is best for shipping? 20. Do any of you have any links to any...suppliers of roaches? Thank you all very much and I am sorry for the game of "Twenty Questions". I KNOW I am going to have more, if you all are willing to help. Have a great day everybody.
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