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  1. Will B dubias eat live Ants? Regards
  2. Hi, You didn't miss it i forgot it and edited it in. This is strange because if they are basically Herbs why do they require so much protein.? What do they eat in the wild that contains as much.? I am getting off subject. Perhaps i will finish this post in food & feeding. Regards
  3. Hi, I am always watching out for mold, fruits only stay in the aquarium approx 2-3 days. maybe its not 90% humidity i need a gage. I open it periodical to vent and when its time for feeding. B. dubia is what i am raising, Regards
  4. Hi, It's probably just me but that doesn't look like sphagnum moss, it looks like Spanish moss off of a tree. Sphagnum moss live if you can get it will retain moisture much better. Regards
  5. Hi, I will eventually go to a red bulb, but right know i am trying a green aquarium bulb, witch doesn't seem to bother them much. Its a little 15 watter and doesn't produce enough heat tho. Regards
  6. Hi, I am seeing in the my tank what looks to periodically be dead roaches that have been munched on, i know some of them have molted but i was wondering if some of the have been cannibalized. Maybe due to the low temps or maybe their diet etc. Tank is currently kept at 72.7 with the flexwatt heat tape temp at 81.3 diet is three different types of grains they love oats, and blended cat food with fish flakes with once a week apples oranges and bananas all at the same time. Water crystals for moisture. Humidity is about 90% due to the glass lid. Or am i just Imagining it. Regards
  7. Thank you very much!!. Since i am a Vietnam veteran i wish to thank all vets past present and future. Sempher Fi!!
  8. Hi, I was just wondering what the effect of a black light (bulb) would have on a roach colony for night heat and viewing vs a red bulb, for night heat and nocturnal viewing. Regards
  9. Hi, I have been using Zoo med UTH for my Dubias, but know that the temps are getting colder i have decided to use an 11'' Flex watt heat tape on a 20L tank and would like to know the best way to attach it to the bottom. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards
  10. Hi, Here is the way i look at it. Water Crystals : polymer (Cross linked Polyacrylamide) Agar : Freeze dried seaweed Gelatin : meat by-products They all seem to work for me in varies applications. I have found no way to make water crystals, yet. Regards
  11. Hi Here is what i use, and is found in most stores and garden shops. http://www.google.com/url?q=http://www.soi...pkX8CRQ20YPfeeg Cricket quencher is the same thing only with food coloring added. Found in most pet stores. Regards
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