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  1. As a 20 year pest control technician, this scares me. Spraying fungus spores to kill bed bugs!?! As a pet insect keeper this horrifies me. They say it’s a strain that only kills bed bugs. I did learn something about these fungi. You must keep the spores below 90 degrees. Above 90 the spores die. So possibly heat could be used as a treatment to kill this in a roach colony? Worth trying if you get it. I guess the question is how hot can roaches survive that the spores can’t?
  2. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?sid=davidg2143&isRefine=true I have ordered from this guy three different times over the past 5 years. Always sends excellent specimens. For some odd reason they get from his house in Oregan to my door which is all the way on the other end of the United States faster than I can ship a letter to my next-door neighbor
  3. Thanks! Looks like keeping won’t be an issue. Hopefully They’ll start reproducing before they die out. I got mostly larger ones so it looks like they won’t live too much longer. And hopefully the feeder guppies don’t eat all the babies. I think I’ll add some more leaves for food and cover.
  4. I just collected some aquatic isopods from a local creek. Any tips on keeping them? Will they survive at room temperature (70-78)? I am planning on adding them to an established wild type guppy tank. It has duckweed, java moss, rocks, driftwood and leaves.
  5. So is it a good idea If you open a food you have been feeding for years 2 out of your 3 colonies appear to not eat it that it could be contaminated? I have used the cheap $2 bad of cat food to feed my roaches once every two weeks (oats daily). This bag they have left it uneaten for two days. I think the roaches may know something I don’t
  6. Perhaps having a display setup in which you only kept a few
  7. Yeah that was the one question I had. You could stack flat slate rocks for them to live between but unless you could keep enough water plants to utilize the frass as fertilizer then yes it would be gross
  8. I like them but I have a few of those native in my backyard. So not enough to keep them. Right now I am deciding between three species. 1) Lucihormetica sps. 2) Epilamprae “Borneo” and 3) Opisthoplatia orientalis. The last two I would eventually actually try them in a semi-aquatic enclosure. I have have semiaquatic tanks since I was in high school. Fiddler crabs, fire bellied toads and currently marsh crabs and marsh snails. With fish snails various crustaceans. Worth trying.
  9. I was under the assumption that they prefer above room temperature to breed well. Like warmer than the 80’s. Perhaps this is wrong? The species I had didn’t do much until I put a 50watt red bulb over them.
  10. Welcome to the hobby! A couple things. Roaches are semi-social. So when there are only a few they are going to stay hidden. Safety in numbers. It’s a self preservation tactic. Also individual roaches eat very little. And hissers need heat. Room temperature won’t cut it.
  11. Beautiful. This genus is a beautiful group. I find it interesting how if you disturb the adults they will expel foul smelling feces that is difficult to wash away. Very different than the defensive odors exuded by other genera. I’m guessing the defensive odors (Eublaberus for example) are not produced the same way.
  12. So my brother has just moved to a small town west of Dallas called Graham. Anyone know if any of the Arenivaga species could be found in this area and what habitat to look in?
  13. I just got a group of 25. Eublaberus sp. “ivory” last week. Lucihormetica is high on my possibility list.
  14. The good thing is after a visit to the allergy doctor (dang alpha-gal) I believe my assumed allergic reaction to my roaches may have been misplaced. It seems I have some other allergy problem going on. Funny how you can jump to a conclusion and then your mind helps foster it. My wife started her own colony of Dubia which she is keeping like my Eublaberids. Coco fiber, sticks, bark hide and oak leaves. I am going to add one more species. Something for my 2.5 gallon tall bugarium.
  15. Welcome! I found hissers to be rather tough critters. With their sticky pads on their feet you will find them (and most other species) to be rather difficult to flip off your hand. They are very resilient.
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