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  1. thank you for the ideas next time I'll keep that in mind (I hope it won't be a next time
  2. Some time ago I had some mite problem in the mealworm beetles box. They were thousands and were all over the place and the furniture. I had to throw everything away. Here are some photos and movie clips. Enjoy I can't find how to post youtube clips, but here are the links. I would apreciate if someone would edit these two clips
  3. sorry for this late reply, those mites were not on the substrate, only on the hissing body. The close up photos were made with a microscope. On the substrate I found some other type of mites, but in the tarantulas cage, not at the hissings. Here are some pictures of the substrate mites
  4. I'm glad I could help and thanks for the help I got from you
  5. Thank you very much ok then, I won't worry anymore. But there is an other problem. I have some tarantulas near the hissers. If these mites pass on tarantulas I think it's going to be a problem, right?
  6. hello everyone, I have a little problem. These days I bought a pair of hissings And today I saw this arthropods om their bodys. Can anyone tell what are they, if it-s dangerous for the animal and how can I get rid of them? Thank you very much
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