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  1. I've kept my colony for almost 20 years with no substrate at all. They do very well this way, but substrate won't hurt them either.
  2. Sorry, that was supposed to say "Keeper" in the title. Can't figure out how to edit the title.
  3. I've got a bunch of adults and large nymphs that I recently acquired. Mine are taking their sweet time too. I keep wondering if they've had babies and the babies are really good at hiding deep in the substrate. I keep checking every few days, but so far, nothing.
  4. Just getting to know this species. They are a little flighty, but they seem pretty hardy. They've got substrate, but they seem to prefer to stay above ground. http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4049/433584...71001d310_b.jpg http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4017/433584...b670ea359_b.jpg http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4018/433510...bcc047cf5_b.jpg
  5. This is my little Ava. Almost three. Been handling roaches her whole life. She show all the boys how to do it. http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4061/433507...f8d788f81_b.jpg http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4066/433581...35bbfaf13_b.jpg
  6. I found about 12 new babies in my tub today, but I'm guessing there are more in the substrate or leaf pile. They abandon ship as soon as I pick up their egg flat. I've got around 7 adults and 3 medium nymphs. Zephyr, where did your stock come from?
  7. I recently received a little starter colony of these and some of the females were near term when they arrive. I saw my first offspring today! Very exiting. From what I can tell, there aren't too many of these around. I'd like to get them going again in more roach rooms as they are really pretty cool. Does anybody else have these?
  8. Those are beautiful. How big are the adults and what part of the world do you live in?
  9. I like water dragons way better. These are somewhat more difficult to maintain successfully. I found a care sheet on-line, but nothing beats a conversation with somebody who has first hand experience.
  10. She's about 2" after her last shed. The tunnel now moves horizontally, underground about 6" along the back. Seems to be holding its shape. I'll get a pic and post it tomorrow. She charged out and grabbed her roach on the surface today. She's a very aggressive feeder. At least compared to my other one and other T's I've had in the past. I feed her relatively small roaches every other day or so. She hits them so hard and fast. Its cool to watch.
  11. My little female sulcata laid 7 eggs for me last night. Last year, around this time, she laid three, but all were infertile. She's still on the small side for breeding, but hopefully I'll have some fertility this year. http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4021/431770...4923f10c7_b.jpg http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4071/431843...8f3c2c274_b.jpg
  12. After her most recent molt, I moved "Charlotte" from her 4" cube into a 5gal. cube. I used about three inches of coco coir and she's digging to China in it! She went to the back corner behind her cholla wood and dug straight down to the bottom. Then she started digging horizontally, along the whole back on the bottom. Should I be worried about her "tunnel" collapsing on her? If so, what's the solution? She seems comfy in there. Food response is fantastic. Need some advice on this one.
  13. Got my first lobsters recently. ( so did my T's ) Those things are voracious! There are about 300, if you count all the little babies and they somehow eat nearly as much as one of my hisser bins. I put an 1/8th of an orange in there and it was down to the rind in about 45 minutes. In a previous post I asked whether people liked the B. lateralis or the Lobsters better. I can't decide. I love 'em both. Man, I'm having fun with this.
  14. Woo hoo! Finally got my first babies today. I got about 200 of them as sub-adults almost two months ago and I was starting to think something was wrong. There are only a few babies, but they are there. Man, those things are tiny. They make a pinhead cricket look big. I realize B. lats are no big deal, but I'm thrilled about it!
  15. Acanthosaura is the genus. Does anyone have experience with these?
  16. Pics are so helpful. You see things that you wouldn't have thought about if a thousand words were written about it. Thanks, Matt... and everyone else who posts their pics.
  17. They should eat just about anything, but you might try some fruit, like oranges, apples. How many are in your bin. I've got a colony of about two hundred and they don't seem to eat much at all. I think this species has a relatively small appetite. I just use dog kibble and after a few days, a few of the pieces look just a little smaller. If I put a piece of orange in there, it looks barely touched and I have to remove it after a day or two so it doesn't mold. Their egg flats are covered with little specs of poo, so I know they are eating something.
  18. So our Southern CA rollie-pollies would be pill bugs then, right?
  19. All of my bins have a 3"x6", aluminum screened, vent hole on opposing ends of the bin. Does this sound like enough? Too much? I just guesstimated when I started building them and so far it seems to work in my room. What does everyone else do for 18 gallon bins? I'm about to make some new bins up and would love some suggestions for improvement.
  20. I've been going back and forth with this one for a while now. In my tubs with no substrate I just put the food in one front corner and I put water gel crystals in a mayonnaise lid on the other. Fruit and veggies go in the middle. The main thing is to keep your dry food dry, or it will get moldy quick. In my substrate tubs, I've been using James' technique and using sand paper to rough up the sides, inside and out, of a deeper container. I've been using those little water cups that come with dog crates. Keeps the food out of the substrate and the substrate out of the food. I bury them about half way and so far it seems to be working. Do you keep your lats on substrate? Mine are not and they seem to be taking a long time to start producing babies. I've been wondering if that's my problem.
  21. That was even better than I anticipated. Keep going....
  22. Not as far as I can tell. I separated my dry, 40 gallon tank colony in to six 18 gallon bins with high humidity and they seem like they are racing to see who can overcrowd their bin the fastest. I did an experiment first in just one bin. I put 4 adult males and 10 adult females in to an 18 gal. bin back in Sept. If it wasn't marked, I wouldn't be able to tell which one it was. It looks just as full as the others.
  23. I've been feeding mostly baby hissers to my two little Brachypelma smithi because that's what I have in surplus. Occasionally, I'll slip them a dubia, or a found cricket, but I'm really trying to build up the dubia, and all the others too. Is there much nutritional difference between the different species of roaches? All of my roaches are basically eating the same things, so I don't think that's much of a factor. I worry that there isn't enough variety.
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