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  1. id figured the live dog feeding etc (said theyd say"why bother killing it, its going to die anyway"), would be frowned upon, but never knew it was actually illegal, as heard of puppies and kittens etc used for food and fishing bait. the retriever mix didnt really do more than get any damage on the big male, unfortunately, and i just put it out of its misery, as the snake just had the back half, and i figured it was better to do it faster, even though they said the snake could kill me if i went in its enclosure (the four tanks took up at least half of the main room), though id have stabbed it in the head at that point, no offense to other snake lovers. they did how ever feed the animals properly, though they were filthy for a while except the last time i was over (one of the snakes had gotten out and attacked the woman and at least seriously injured the child, so they had sold the one of the two pairs at least, but remember the one was till there, and they had to stab or something the other one, and forget what they did with it, but loved it like a baby they said, so couldnt let it die (me id have killed the snake if it went after my kids or woman, but then again mine are handleable, and i wouldnt have one of the biguns, around my kids or woman, unless the snakes were in at least sealed room, and locked cages (not just weights on. lol), as regardless of what some say, ive seen snakes bend and break even chainlink, glass for salt water tanks, and plexiglass, as well as wood, while eating, agressive/defensive or hungry.
  2. true, but i never did that, or used live wild, road kill etc. like others, and not advocating either, but theyre snakes were really healthy, so possibly, variation in FEEDER type animals raised on better food (ive never used rodent pro, as wasnt around when was kid with alot of herps), in general, aside from most buying pet store quality feeders etc. or not feed for some to several months, so dont have to buy food for hundreds they cant afford to feed. though if im wrong on the last part, of believing you shouldnt only maintenance feed large snakes let me know, as not sure about how much thye should/would eat, but they seem to be the ones that attack and escape, when left hungry for months,seeming to break the myth they only need to eat every several months.
  3. ok.. good point, the whatever baby i had that was over nine and a half feet, just had a heated blanket, a kiddy pool, before just used a huge fishtank itd go in anyway when out (it had a filter designed for large turtle habitats), a heater in the water wrapped in whatever they use for turtle tanks so the glass doesnt get broken from sudden hard impacts, a whole extra freezer and fridge for food, as well as distributer that could provide live and frozen, as well as bred some of my own, though guinea pigs might not produce enough for anas appetites, but prefer rabbits as easier keepers anyway. or for food, you could do what a local breeder did and just take any free animal, even pet: cats dogs ferrets parrots monkeys etc (which im against feeding live pets to snakes, as even though all part of food chain, when you see a loving trusting large dog get its bones slowly crushed as it whines and looks at you wondering what wrong it did, you would never want to see it again or visit them, and hope the snake chokes to death on it).
  4. why five thousand for the ana, and your rattler attacks and tags you, or it just tries and you hook, tongs it, or just get the heck outta there? id probably just settle for a colubrid that looks similar. though had two cotton heads, and known those who have had rattlers, copperheads, cotton mouthes, and two kinda of cobra, as well as lesser water cobras etc (one guy i knew had a momba, but was saying how it kept getting out and would be found loose in his garage, or in yard after monthes no problem, even though he had a bunch of rugrats, and hardly any cages were locking).
  5. i now have: one tokay gecko (i know not desired by most, but was a dream pet to me). one leopard gecko. three bearded dragons. two kingsnakes. one ball python. add a chinease water dragon, and ill have all the herps ive ever wanted, ive had at some point or other, besides a yellow anaconda, and rattlesnake. i having to downsize, just gave to herp guy, for zoo: one large juvi savanna monitor, four leopard geckos, two ball pythons, and one tarantula. others may have forgotten as well as very many assorted birds and mammals.
  6. trying to figure out why i dont get my mail from here.

  7. wish i could breed him to my female!
  8. the top of my dream herp list, right above: hogg island boa, yellow anaconda, pygmy rattlesnake, pine rattler, Tokay and Caribbean house geckos, fire bellied toads(by the way heard hognosed snakes were immune to toxins of these and good food source... any advice?), water and clawed frogs.
  9. awww, we need an update video, and i want some...
  10. im very curios to see pics and setups of them. i was under the impression you had so many from breeding out from only a small amount, and were working on tame and/or morghs of captive generations.. either way im envious.
  11. wow, good to know they are as communal as i thought, and not just mindless aggressors like most say. you wouldnt want to part with any would you?
  12. i didnt know it took alot longer to kill and/or weaken bacteria from roaches that needed the heat for the bacteria to thrive.. how long would they need to be frozen to be safe (not that i cant just compost them, and feed fresh, i just thought i might get some use out of them hopefully)? oddly my dry bin has alot more dead ones when i cleaned, than the somewhat damp one in areas, so im wondering if they are drying out to much now as they did well, when in all moistened bins. im keeping the nymphs except the tiny ones i dont want to bother trying to catch all, and letting them grow out till they are ready to turn ooths (how long from molting to adult if mated right away does it take for the time to turn the ooths to need the soil to be comfy and decrease abortion?. oddly i had one female giganteus just die after i put them all back into their tank after cleaning up, as it just seized and or cunvulsed, and started running around and died on its side (yes side, as it wedged itself in that position).
  13. i was going to feed ones i had frozen for a few days at least as i have a jar ful, but just mostly feeding deformed and old ones now.
  14. well i just got an awesome most grown bearded dragon morph, so she should continue to plow through the colonies, and hopefully will be my dumpster for the dead roaches (right after i got her home she plowed through 14 adults, that needed disposal of.
  15. hahaha! so nothing aside else as to how to deal, besides just culling or separating and hoping it burns out?
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