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  1. It is, partner started a colony from just 12 pure individuals and is now at a hundred or so. Never brought in any new stock so far. This was just noticed recently. Do you have any references/sources for the "LLC Mahogany"? I tried googling and got no results but am very curious if it is by chance similar or even the same "mutation/morph".
  2. So my partner and I were cleaning their tank for their Madagascar hissing cockroaches and we came across this girl. Put her aside since she looks different from any of the others and waited a night to see if it was just because of molting. But nope, she's retained this light caramel colour. My partner dubbed her "Candy Apple" and we've decided to select our prettiest male and try to breed to see if there is any chance it's genetic. Thought I'd share here!
  3. Thank you all so much! Please feel free to share more roaches, I may be slow but I enjoy this <3
  4. Thank you! Also this is an adorable roach, it looks like a small race-car, and has amazing contrast
  5. I believe I have mentioned before how my Gromphadorhina portentosa puzzled me for a while with their seeming shift in appearance, but I never posted any pics. So might as well now. Some looking let me know that this is apparently normal, for them? I imagine it is diet related. The below pic might show why I was so surprised, however. The smaller male on the bottom is one of the original 10 adults I got from Fluker's Farms (A poor old chewed up man from a previous issue that has been resolved, who I moved to a separate tub since I wanted the older, slower roaches to avoid the larger, younger ones), and the one above is one of his offspring. Makes me wonder exactly how the company cares for theirs vs my care for mine. Pardon if this is the wrong forum to post this in as well, I was unsure where exactly to place it and here seemed appropriate
  6. Whoa Sleepy Lemur, that is honestly a super handsome looking male, and impressive too. I have wanted wide horns for a while now, have madagascars, halloweens, and accidentally got Flat horns instead of wide, but they became beloved pets quickly. Have a quick drawing of that lovely boy.
  7. I do not know about most roach breeders, but in my small colonies, I admittedly have favorites. Like, one of the original 10 males from my madagascars, who I can pick out from the 100+ in there right off the bat, and who is my favorite to handle. Does anyone else just, have a favorite? From a mutation, colour morph, or just because it is a good pet? Send me photos of them, or a pic, and I might do a small drawing of that particular roach, for you, as a study in anatomy.
  8. Update: Kicked up how much food they get, giving them more frequent meals even if it is just dropping a handful of spring greens in, as well as changed the tank to have reptibark bedding and since then there are no more of these, so I believe it was them being attacked. I also noticed the number of males in the colony is VERY high, so I made a jungle-gym to allow them to "defend" their lil turfs on more ground, and it has helped the colony relax substantially. Thank you for all the help!
  9. OK, I might go ahead and dump in the rest of my repti-bark tonight after cleaning it and move the colony, see it it helps. I'll try to make an update on here with progress and see if there are any changes. So far at least, no more roaches have died or had this issue luckily. They have cat kibble all week but once/twice a week they get a mix of spring greens, squash, yams, orange, apple, banana, carrot, and some brocoli once in a while. Not all at once, but a mix of a few of those that varies. I'll try the other things as well! The one that I am holding, I am not sure if it was or not? I check them twice daily, and there were no damaged ones but then later, one was damaged and I can't tell if it was a bad molt or mauling or what since they tend to molt in little "groups" and in their humidity box. I take them and put them in a plastic container on paper towels with some hides, water, and food but they died by the next day. I wouldn't mind having a strange hisser on the side with special care if needs be but this one, and the other that had died, don't make it at all. This guy is just a Madagascar Hissing cockroach, Gromphadorhina portentosa.
  10. I might try mixing in other foods, then. The cat kibble I use is actually 3 old bags that my picky/finicky cat rejected, Science Diet, Blue Buffalo, and another I forget. They had been doing pretty amazingly for a while when in a glass tank and when I shifted them to a bin they still did pretty great until this happened x.x
  11. That's strange? They have access to a bowl of cat kibble that is full at all times, and are fed a variety of fruits/veggies that they adore every 2 days, which is about how long they take to eat it. Maybe I should spread it around more to get them to notice it faster? Thank you for your input, I appreciate it greatly
  12. I have had my madagascar hissing cockroaches for a pretty long while, I'd say... half a year, maybe more? I lost track of time. I started with 10 and now have an impressive colony, but so far twice I have gotten mutated juveniles who end up like this one? They are in a plastic bin with ventilation, and a water dish, but I do not spritz it because of the gnats that arrive when I do. They are housed on aspen, which I clean once every month or two, shaking debris to the bottom and picking out the molts. They have a humidity box (plastic container with coco fiber bedding that's moist, with egg-crate on top. They LOVE hanging out in it! They live for a day or two after I find them, then are deceased. This is the second one (bigger than the first, older) and I wondered, is this normal? Is it inbreeding, should I split my colony and get new ones from someone else? Is it humidity? Or is it just natural selection or such? I'd like to right it if it is an issue. (Although, admittedly, these make interesting specimens. And perhaps, by posting/sharing, good lessons?)
  13. This halloween after purchasing my first roaches, a group of 10 Gromphadorhina portentosa, I wanted to do a small photo-shoot with them. The results were rather cute, and though I am very late, I thought I'd share the best one on here. Bonus pic of the cooperative adults.
  14. Always looking for friendly advice, suggestions, and critique.

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