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  1. I'm new to keeping roaches. I mean I had 6 female dubias for the past year but when I got them I was going to feed them to the gecko. They turned out to be too big so I kept them as pets. All I gave them was cricket chow and water crystals for. I tried apples and bananas and other than a nibble on the apple they don't seem interested in it. They LOVE the water crystals and they all seem nice and fat. But now I added 7 nymphs and 6 large question mark nymphs to a larger enclosure. I'm hoping to see some different behaviors in eating but so far no luck. The cricket chow wasn't even nibbled nor the flax seed. I put in banana yesterday and it doesn't appear anyone cares about that either. They're living in a ton of crumbled oak and some other leaves (that have remoistened) so maybe they're good with that. The temperatures have dropped too in my house. This is a great thread to see how picky some roaches can be.
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