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  1. Thanks. How notacable are the usual ones , can you see them easily , or are they hard to see ?
  2. Thanks , I don't mind changing it regularly so that isn't a problem , so overall it looks great !
  3. hi I have a few questions ,do you think it possible to only buy one from a pet store ? Can you buy nymphs from a pet store ? can you get hissers from pets at home? Sorry for all of the questions I'm just interested in buying some and I'm still currently only reasearching them , thanks .
  4. Would a constant supply of food be good ? Also how much bug gel should I put in a pot? Thanks.
  5. Would they be good for hissing roaches ? I believe that the mesh is steel , but I don't know how secure the lid is , and don't know if baby roaches could fit through the mesh or not, or even escape through the lid? Also I was thinking having the 30x30x30cm Or would the 20x20x20cm be good I plan on getting only one roach and I want a tank that would be good for all stages of it life so when it's small and big , thanks .
  6. I am thinking of getting baby hissing roaches , and was wondering if it is safe for them ? So two ideas are... Shredded coloured paper Or shredded tissue paper Thanks.
  7. I'm going to buy a hissing cockroach soon , and was just wondering where the mites come from , and how can I prevent them, thanks .
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