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  1. i will be postig pics of these guys. now i 've got about 4 of these roaches. i doubt they are bites, since one of them has a totally colorless leg! also they are very well fed. about Pharma's question about the texture, it's hard like a normal dubias. some of them are quite fleshy too! has anybody else encountered the same thing?
  2. just 5 days ago I had 6 snakes 4 lizards so I was desperate to feed them with crickets and mice...greece especially in the cockroach area is still in the middle ages! i want to study entomology so i really want to focus on insects now so i gave all my reptiles to a friend . I think its probably the last time I'm going there, since now Iv got only a few hemiptera and roaches... I think its the malnutrition thing. I now have third nymph with the same colouration! i will be posting pics of the roaches' development
  3. it doesn't seem to me its a fungal infection. if its the morph then im damn lucky!the other one is a "blonde" dubia and it has only white developing wings so if it makes up to adulthood ill post a few pics! these are the newly purchased nymphs,so it could be related with the lack of sufficient nutrition during the first stages of their lives in that horrible pet shop i brought them from.
  4. Recently I bought some extra B.dubia nymphs. 2 of them (3 and 4 instar) have their premature wings totally white and one of them has one of its left legs totally white! They also molted, and it still didn't stop. I really have no idea what this is. I don't think its old exuviae, and a week has past since their last molt. Quite interesting I have to say! The genitalia are slightly deformed i think.
  5. great critter! it is Gyna bisannulata?
  6. MattK: How do you know they require it? Can you reference the study that was done indicating it? Only one of these questions is really hard to answer....ready? Go! 1)Cockroach development is closely attuned to nutritional status (Gordon 1959;Mullins and Cochran,1987)......Diets relatively high in protein produce most rapid growth (Melampy and Maynard, 1937).....Females stop or slow down reproduction until nutrients, particularly the amount and quality of the ingested protein is adequate (Weaver and Pratt, 1981;Durbin and Cochran,1985,Pipa,1985;Mullins and Cochran,1987;Hamilton and Schal,1988) Cockroaches:Ecology,Behaviour and Natural History,p.156 2)I guess they do require at least in some periods of their lives relatively high protein food. In general, there is evidence that supports that they eat microbe rich foods in order for their gut living protozoans and bacteria to convert them into nutrients and other useful substances. I don't think that any kind of food can substitute exactly the nutritional requirements that each species gets in the wild, but I think that occasionally all roaches should need a nutritional "boost", especially in my opinion in the final instar and usually before reproduction. You cant find the amazing diversity of fruit and seeds the occur in most tropical areas, so i guess that by offering them occasionally cat food or dog food does the job.
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