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  1. yeah i do have a lot of males. been feedingg them off first to my t's but I've only made a slight dent in their population.
  2. my B.colosess stay down in the sub.where its in the 90f range. never see them on the surface. if giganteus are similar then they like it warmer than even my hissers.
  3. what kind of heat source do you have in there? i have heat mats under neath my tanks and never had any losses of any of my 7 species. mid tank is low 70's about 80 on the sub. surface about 110 on the bottom under the sub. the roaches just hang where its most comfortable for them. better than heating a room to one temp. in my opinion as they can get closer to the heat when cold further away when hot. room temp is 65f.
  4. i thought so. never heard of dubias preying on each other. and its a small colony.
  5. hey folks. the other day i was feeding my dubia colony. i noticed a lot of the males wings were chewed up. they always have food and water and aren't overcrowded. could my cleaning crew be doing this ? i have dermestid beetles and larva in there. they get plenty of protein w/ the fish pellets i add to their bowl. these are feeders for my tarantula so I'm not really concerned just wondering why it would happen.
  6. i found a dubia nymph in my hisser/ a. tessalta tank about a month ago. still in there. both species in there came from 2 different suppliers so i don't know who to warn. next time i see it. ill throw it in my dubia tank.
  7. you want a adult or would you take nymphs? i have 1 2in. and a bunch of 1in. nymphs i could part with. they grow pretty fast.
  8. same here. i have cleaning crews in there so I'm sure that helps too.
  9. i have e. javanicas and a. tessellatas together and keep it at 60%. sofar so good. they too have preferences on where in the cage they hang.
  10. never kept them. once the nymphs get a little bigger you can tell who's who.
  11. mine don't have that feature. they are made by sunbeam. they have a high/ low and off positions. got them at walmart for 14.99 ea. mine are only a few months old.
  12. my roach room is around 68f also and i put a large heat pad on high under each tote and all my species have reproduced. air temp in the tote is low 70's but the substrate temp is 105f. it seems to work for them! paid $15 for them at rite aid in the back and knee supports section. cheapest heat mats I've found and you can change the heat setting on them as summer comes.
  13. i always have water crystals in there as my heat mats dry the enclosure a lot.
  14. i have my wide horns and peppereds together and they're doing fine. also have colossals and ivory heads together and no issues. they have similar growth parameters so it works out good for both species. they each have their preferred spots in their enclosures. all are reproducing well.
  15. if anymone wants clean hardwood leaves from a chemical free forest let me know. northern maine is mostly commercial forest. they cut every 20 yrs. or so but besides thinning theres no chemicals put on the trees. and its so cold up here pests are nonexistant. we don't even have ticks!
  16. got my B.colosseus at about 75f. under the substrate at the botom, its 100f. they're growing well. got them as small nymphs a few months ago. they have tripled their size!
  17. i could but I'm terrible at posting pics! not very computer savvy.
  18. try contacting cape cod roaches. they might work something out w you.
  19. if you like big roaches, check out A. tessalltia, the giant peppered roach. they aren't as long as the wide horn hissers or the giant cave roach but are much wider and look bigger. like little tanks! got a bunch of subadults and large hymphs from doc on here. they are awesome to behold as well and are also easy to handle. they are a slower grower so id try to buy large nymphs or sub adults. unless you want to wait over 6 months for them to mature! got mine and 3 of them were already 3in. and they don't have their wings yet!
  20. i just got a adult pair of adult G. oblonganatas from roach crossing. impressive roaches! very easy to handle. i can pick up the male without him hissing if I'm gentle. he seems to like sitting there just waving his antennae. mine has more black than the ones in the pic and has bigger horns. fiance calls him harry! he's a bulky fellow at a hair over 4in. ill probably let them breed as they are nice big specimens and so doclie. they should make great pets! id post a pics but I'm terrible w/ technology.
  21. welcome! its funny! i just got a pair of wide horns as well. they look identical in color and size to yours! aren't they neat! mine don't even hiss when i pick them up gently. they share a large tote w/ halloween hissers and some large peppered nymphs. they all have their preferred spots in the tote. the wide horns sit on the top of the big pieces of bark.
  22. just a update. they love peanut butter! which is good as peanut butter doesn't mold. mixed in the yeast with it and they chowed it down! esp. the peppereds.
  23. here in n. maine we don't even have problems w/ german or american roaches as its way too cold for them. seen a few that came in on produce at the cafeteria i worked at but they didn't survive long. thats kinda a good thing. but if i lost power in my house right now my roaches (and my water pipes) would be finished in hours! and this is a mild winter!
  24. roach crossings website lists that info under each species description as well as breeding ,care and temps. i found it very helpfull!
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