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  1. i do have some halloween hissers in with the wide horns. would they interbreed?
  2. they are addictive! i just started keeping 2 mo. ago and have 6 species already. only thing limiting me is space as I'm in a trailer.
  3. yeah, i got some organic mixed dried fruits from the local shop n' save and been feeding it to them. no issues w / mold . i can leave it till' its eaten so i can offer fruits all the time with no waste. they love the variety! plus i offer a water dish also.
  4. yep. they seem to do well together. the wide horns stay up on the bark . the javas stay more in the sub.
  5. nice man! mine are about the same sizes. some are the orange , yellow and black a few are yellow/ black. mine like to hide in the sub. the wide horns hang out on the bark pieces.
  6. i got 5 dif. sizes of e. javanica from cape cod roaches. 2 were about 2in. some were around an inch the rest were various small nymphs. the 2in ones are really pretty. they're easy to handle and don't hiss like my wide horns. the wide horns have attitude! pushing their way out of my hand!
  7. yeah. it took him awhile to get back to me. said his hard drive crashed. took him awhile to get his computer running again.
  8. got my wise horn hissers today from roach crossing. was worried because or temps. were in the upper 20's. they were cold and lethargic but both ate some chow and parked there butts in the warm end of their enclosure, no worse for wear. very neat roaches and easy to handle. females almost 3in. males about 2.5in. put them in w/ my halloween hissers.
  9. yeah anything with ebay is a crapshoot! I've had better luck w/ amazon. i too have 2 adult pair of wide horn hissers in the mail. supposed to be in tom. can't wait!
  10. i just got some too. a few are sub adults. they are as pretty as a roach can be! very calm compared to my dubias.
  11. thanks again for the advice! they're eating the chow good but really pounding the dried raisins/ cranberry and sweet potatoes! that sounds about right for what I've read about them. you guys get any snow? wicked warm up here this year! lakes aren't even starting to lock up yet.
  12. i didn't put much fish flakes in the chow. like 10%. rest is oatmeal , wheat bran and a pinch of dried fat free milk just for the calcium. the leaves / wood came from a hardwood ridge. theres no farms nearby so no chemicals.
  13. i have crumbled dead leaves and some rotten wood as sub. is it ok to feed the fish food mix to my other roaches? the dubia have been eating it well. gave some mashed sweet potatoes left over from thanksgiving and they cleaned the plate!
  14. i could possibly trade when the time comes.
  15. thanks! i made a ground mix of oatmeal, powdered milk and some fish pellets. my dubia seem to like it so far. hopefully it works w/ the a. tesselata and the wide horns. I've read a generalized hisser growth rate to adulthood is between 3-5mo. to maturity. how big have yours grown in a month?
  16. hey folks! got some wide horn hissers coming next week. anyone have experience with them? is their care similar to other hissers? I've done searches and there isn't any specific care sheets for them that i can find. even the breeder wasn't sure. from what info. i found, the general hisser growth rate to adulthood was between 3-5 mo.? i would think if these are the biggest of the hisser species they would take longer to mature? thanks for any info.!
  17. yeah those males looked a lot older than the females. maybe old breeders? thanks for the tips.
  18. i have maple bark in my dubia tank. cut them w/ a jigsaw into 6in. pieces and stood on end. can put a lot in a small area and they don't fall over. they like to hide in the deep groves in the bark. maple bark has a nice light grey color. cottonwood and oak would work good too. bark from large branches seem to be the best size.
  19. I'm terrible w/ computers and don't know how to post pics. i lost 3. 2 males and a female but the others are doing good. eating and drinking now. temps at 77f and 97f. with the pad. the 97f is from the sensor on the bottom of the tank below the sub. the colder one is on top. sucks to have lost my males. just reordered 20 adult males from dubia deli. shipping cost me double the cost of the roaches. ohh well. learned a tough lesson.
  20. thanks! I've always liked big bugs since i was a kid. my collection also includes a 4in. chilean rosy hair and 5in.brazilian giant bird eater t's. the dubias are for their food! the peppered are for pets! and maybe food if they over populate. biggest challenge i have up here is keeping these tropical species warm enough. our winters hit -30f in jan. and feb. quite often and in this trailer it gets pretty cold at times.
  21. i have a jar of peanut butter that i don't care for and some packets of expired bread yeast. think its ok for my dubias and peppered roaches to eat? yeasts are present everywhere in nature. peanuts are high in protein. would think in small amounts they would love the peanut butter esp.!
  22. well i just put some leaves in their cage and discovered i lost the only 2 males that i had out of my 25 i got! any of you guys willing to send me 5-6 male dubias from your collection? i don't want to order another 25 just to get some males. id be willing to pay you through a paypal account. any help appreciated.
  23. also gonna crush a layer of dried leaves for a sub.
  24. I've been feeding ground oatmeal ,powdered milk w/ a little bit of fish food. and fresh peeled baby carrots. they seem to be bouncing back since i added the heat mat. the heat lamp warms the surface but the bottom was very cold under the leaves and bark. temps came up a little but are more stable 77f on the cold end 90f on the warm. i should have put a substrate too but i have a cleaner crew coming so i thought i wouldn't need it. gonna get a bigger heat mat and get rid of the lamp. what size heat mat would you guys suggest for a 6gal terrarium in a 65f room? thanks for the info and help guys!
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