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  1. thanks for your response! i put bark caves and fluffy dead leaves in there so they should be able to get out of the direct heat. also the ones i found on their backs are in the cold end. i put them on the warm end and they slowly come back. but a few hrs. later i find a few more on their backs but still alive all on the cold end. the room they're in is fairly cold but its the only place i can keep them. a spare room in my trailer thats at a balmy 63-65f right now. never used any chemicals in there.
  2. hey all. just got 25 1in. dubias. put them in a terrarium. with a 60w. red heat lamp was 90 at warm end and 68 in the cold end w/ 59% humidity. when i put them in they were lively. this morning half were upside down and barely moving. is their cage too cold? i just put a small heat mat (4 by 6in.) under the terrarium at the warm end. you think it'll be ok? this is my 1st. colony and i thought i read enough about them to have their enclosure set up right. any info. appreciated.
  3. hey folks! just getting into the hobby. not good with latin names yet but just got some dubias and got some peppered roaches coming. looking forward to talking bugs w/ you guys and getting some advice for my colonys care!
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