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    I breed cockroaches (obviously :p) I'm currently working with 20+ roach species. For reptiles I have a mali uromastyx and a juvenile dumeril's monitor both are awesome! I enjoy listening to rock and county music primarily from the early 00's

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  1. A display of these guys would look awesome, I would recommend using oak leaf litter in with the coir, it’s beneficial to many species of roaches. Gyna don’t seam to fly much during the day. They just like to run around (there are very fast) only adults can climb. Don’t open the cage after dusk as it would be a nightmare If you had many adults. I don’t think they will be able to squeeze past the doors. I think it would also look cool to put a pothos plant in the cage. It would just require a small light. And I beleave Gyna don’t mind the light to much.
  2. Fake reptile plants would work and look better. Aquarium plants are meant to be underwater so generally the water keeps them upright. When they are out of water they tend to fall over. Unless you get something solid
  3. I’d bet that it is still safe. Although I always say that homemade roach chow is the best especially for feeding reptiles
  4. I think you should be fine. Especially if you see lots of life in the leaf litter (if it’s not to cold yet) Ive collected leaf litter in a rich area where I’m sure they all use chemicals. And nothing has happened to any of my inverts. If your really concerned you could wash the leaves and then bake them.
  5. I look forward to it I’ve heard they like to nible? But I’d like another black species besides my black tigers. I think they would make a nice display colony, do nymphs climb?
  6. @wizentrop I forgot you sexed them, for some reason I thought they were unsexed, thanks again
  7. Very nice. I use that common name as well. that’s the common name I’m going to sell under whether anyone likes it or not
  8. What no fair you got pairs! I got 4 nymphs from him but I’m still very happy about it.
  9. I have a 40 gallon tank that I’m going to split with a plexiglass divider, and put AGB,s in one side and Giant blue Philippine millipedes on the other side, when I get a larger set up for my buisness I’m going to get a few 40 gallon tanks and split them 2 or 3 times with dividers to hold my millipedes, expensive I know. But it would be awesome
  10. I don’t use anything for mine, I just feed them quickly and catch any escapes. I may use Teflon tape in the future you just stick it to the side of the cage, there is a product called bug off I beleave that bioquip sells that goes on wet and drys powdery I may use that to.
  11. There’s no need to modify enclosures, many people keep those species in standard cages, just use vaseline or Teflon tape to contain them, I don’t use any roach barrier because I don’t like the hassle
  12. They sell a reptile dish that vibrates for $20 to make food move, it’s mostly used for dry food. But it could work for Dubia
  13. LLL Reptile has lots of different cages avalable, I use gasket containers for hissers, I get them from target
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