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  1. Yes i knew that, but i'm looking for some parcoblatta also. ^^
  2. Wow that's fast. I think i'll found some on this forum. That seem's cool even if for the moment i only have the most common species.
  3. In france. ^^ Does they are fast to grow?
  4. Oh thanks a lot. You know someone who have them?
  5. Hi everybody, I'm asking me a question. I have Symploce Pallens, Symploce macroptera, Episymploce sundaica. I wanna know what are the other species of symploce present in captivity? Cos i really love those roaches.
  6. That's a beautyfull species. I hope one day, i could have an ootheca of this one ^^.
  7. Au fait. tu eleves quelles espèces? Pour les frais vaut mieux les compter mais ca peut passer quand même ca dépent.
  8. Je peux te trouver les details si tu veux. Tu auras le tarif exact au cas ou.
  9. I don't know how many times the travel took. I think about 10-15days maybe.
  10. Bah pour des invertébré... Il y à les frais de douanes, les frais veterinaires, + le réenvoi en transporteur spécialisé par les services veterinaires. Il faut rajouter en gros 200€. C'est pour ca que je demande des ootheques. Un ootheque n'est pas considéré comme du vivant.
  11. Ca dépend de l'état du mec. Certains authorisent d'autres non... Le plus chiant pour nous ce sont les frais annexes.
  12. From the dpt 22. That's quite funny, i was looking your announcement. And i'm looking for the same species.
  13. It depends on the state for sending? I heard that in Florida you can't sent insect but in some states you could?
  14. Where are you from in france?
  15. I f that's successfull i'll exchange some ^^.
  16. Salut ^^. On est au moins deux francais tien ^^
  17. Do you need a permit for ootheca's too? Cos in my country ootheca's are not considered as living animals.
  18. Hello everyone, i have only Trichorhina tomentosa, but i really like isopods. And i wanna buy or exchange other species, especially non-european species. But that's difficult to found.
  19. Oh really? Is that an uncommun species of roaches in USA?
  20. I started my therea colony with only 3 adults. And now they are loads of. That took a long time but i think they are quite productive.
  21. That's my last species. They are not adult yet. Afriend sent me a started colony of about 30 of them. I hope it will be successfull. There locality is from Monaco.
  22. Yes it depends on temperature. Mine are kept at 26°C.
  23. Thanks a lot. I have : Blaberidae spec. Kenya Blaptica dubia " GOLD " Elliptorhina javanica Episymploce sundaica Ergaula capucina Eublaberus spec. Pantanal Gromphadorrhina portentosa Henschoutedenia flexivitta Ischnoptera spec. Costa Rica Loboptera decipiens Lucihormetica verrucosa Nauphoeta cinerea Oxyhaloa deusta Paratemnopteryx colloniana Phoetalia pallida Pycnoscelus femapterus Pycnoscelus indicus Pycnoscelus spec. " Malaysia" Pycnoscelus striatus Rhyparobia sp gold Shelfordella lateralis Symploce pallens Symploce macroptera Therea bernhardti
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