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  1. hi ,

    i'm looking for the most big hisser in the hobby, I have found this :

    Gromphadorhina grandidieri  45 à 70cm
    G.     G portentosa de 45 à 88cm
      G. picea de 53 à 85cm 
              Elliptorhina chopardi  36 à 44cm
        E. brunneri  35 à 47cm
       E. javanica  35 à 50cm
    E laevigata 58 à 70CM
           Princisia vanwaerebeki  56 à 100cm voire davantage (or more)
           These informations comes from a great french institut who study insect and environment, but someone has ever see a cockroach with a size around 10cm?
  2. they are difficult to breed...many breeders in europe have lost their colony after many cycle...without to understand why....

    but when they have good conditions , you could have quickly 200 pcs from 10 pcs......

    hope for you that it finally become common in US breeding...


  3. hi,

    I'll received in 2 weeks, these 2 spp.

    I'm looking for guys who breed them or has lost them.... I would to find the good conditions and eventually the bad conditions (to not give the same).

    i'm interessed by T°c, substrat and height of substrate, humidity, food,  and all else that could help me.


  4. i think too that's good conditions ... my adults fix the ooths near the ventilation and on the ventilation....and at night, all the babies hang on the air vents of the lid ...

    hope that yours stay alive and become adults and give an another generation ...

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  5. 11 hours ago, Hisserdude said:




    11 hours ago, Hisserdude said:

    hat's just the risk you have to take

    We don't have risk with customs or justice, it's sure.

    - if you take small deal, no real problem if they arrived dead (like my drymaplaneta, only 70$; i have taken the risk whitout stress) .. 

    But Kyle ship to europe with minimum order, 350$ and add shipping cost= 400$    that begin to make lot of money....;-)    if you lose,  ?



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  6. for your native , we have Kyle....;-) .   I ever had 3spp of parcoblatta.... I hope to order areaniga spp in summer...

    You are right, we can import from all other area in the world (if they don't have restrictiv export laws like australia). it's why we have a very big quantity of exotic cockroaches.

    Your import-export laws are very hard, it seem's... without them , we'll make deal like rhadoblatta--H vittata.... lol ...

    In France, cockroaches don't are in restricted import list ....but if customs controls the parcel, they send it to veterinary service....that cost money and more days , enough to kill insects sometimes....
    when we take order, we are ready to play and to lose....

  7. On 10/03/2017 at 8:27 PM, Hisserdude said:

    Yeah, Europe is really the place to be for most invert keepers, especially since imports from most areas are legal, though TBH we probably have almost the same amount of roach species in culture as Europe has.

    it's difficult in some area like germany (import is difficult from outside of europe, a germany's friend said to me)....Living in malaysia or australia is the best of the best option...the most beautifull spp directly from wild....;)
    I think that we have certainly more spp in Europe than US ; but many are in small quantity, and you must know directly the breeders who breed them to know that they are in europe...(some sp colony died several time before to come really in breeding, after several import lol )
    We have the chance that some breeders are going each year in some area like malaysia, south africa,Panama and came back with picked-up wild sp... like eurycotis cf pluto from Panama, and Perisphaeria sp from south africa for exemple... and order from Kyle ;-)

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  8. 4 hours ago, Hisserdude said:

    Vous confondez cette espèce avec E.opaca? Parce que ces gars-là sont différents de ceux, et sont une addition beaucoup plus récente au passe-temps, je doute qu'ils ont encore fait leur chemin vers l'Europe lol!

    I'm tired , effectively ;-) i'm looking for informations about opaca 2 ...

    TJ, we have in europe some south america spp that aren't in breeding in US....one other Eurycotis is in this list ;-)   named here Eurycotis cf. pluto "Puerto Lindo" 
    I'll have them in breeding this week...

    thx for the answer...

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  9. I know 3 possible methods ,

    - vaseline oil 3-4 on top of box

    - silicone oil - idem

    alcool+ talcum powder....you mix the 2 , you put on top of the box and you wait that it will be dry...

    At this moment, only 2 ssp are able to travel these barriers: hemithyrsocera vittata (ex histrio) small nymphs and all size of anallacta methanoides. for this last sp, I try since 3 days with a barrier of olive oil....
    It's perfect to stop them but it was just to make a transfer from old box to new box, I don't know how will become this oil when it will become old....

  10. sorry for that discussion, a man ask me to send cockroaches from France to US and I asked here how to make that .... It's isn't autorized in the forum because import is illegal....

    So finally I canceled the deal, I hope that a day, the import-export US laws will change and will be less hard....

    I think that laws are hard to protect the Biocenosis.... In france, we had problem with florida turtle as exemple..... some breeder take them on wild, they are very hungry and eat a big quantity of fish... They must be hunting.....

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