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  1. thx hisserdude , you can erase your answer too....
  2. so, my post doesn't respect the forum conditions, i modify it, admin can erase it thx
  3. thx for confirmation, so now I'm waiting male.....
  4. last question, for p.lata , it seems that male become adult after female...in many others spp it's the female who become adult after male.. For the divisa, male become adult after the female too ? I don't remember to see an adult male on box but only 2 females adult and many subadults...so I think that they gave me unfertil ootheca.... thx
  5. me too, order from US to France is difficult......
  6. hi hisserdude, happy to read you again ... so I think that the ootheca are in the acceptable time... less than 4 months... . thx a lot for the answer... I don't remember why but I just realize that I have 2 accounts..I'll see with admin to cancel seseb1....
  7. hi hisserdude, happy to read you again ... so I think that the ootheca are in the acceptable time... less than 4 months... . thx a lot for the answer...
  8. hi, I breed 2 spp of parcoblatta... - fulvescens: they are very prolific ... - divisa: I have more than 10 ootheca since months, I begin to take me question about them....they are in the same conditions than fulvescens ...it's dead or can I have hope ? thx
  9. hi, I breed this beautifull sp and I'm looking for photo or informations about the difference male/female... The 10 first adults seems to be the same sex: male....I saw yesterday an adult more long. from over; I could see more zebra band yellow/black, perhaps female ? thx
  10. sexing, sorry, sexage is french word.. hi, I found a seller who say me that he can sexed them when they are 3 months old....Possible or not ? thanks
  11. yes, a bad bad day :( ... no new babies but I saw there is few weeks ago female with egg case so I wait. And I have bought an electronic temperature controleur to régul the electric heather in my breedroom. not twice....
  12. hello, for hemithyrsocera sp and panesthia augustipennis cognata: http://www.roachforu...?showtopic=6081 if you are interessed I send you the photo you choose. I can take some others if not good for you....
  13. I think too. you make a beautiful/good/interesting work. for my links, it was a shame that such information remain unknown. or only by predator's cockroaches breeder
  14. I'm good for these parameters.. re-re-re-re thanks
  15. ok i'm looking for the best parameters to breed them but informations are rare.
  16. 200 nymphs of gyna bisannulata, if I have less, they'll heard me... :D thanks hisserdude
  17. thanks, just to be sure: litter = ootheque ?
  18. hi, Someone knows the number of piece who are in an ootheque ? thnaks
  19. hi, I found a food experiment made by G. DUPRE. But for once, it's writing in french... :-) I give you the links for it: - the leaves of differents tree. + savage plants : p13-16 http://asso-gea.fr/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/ARACHNIDES63.pdf - the fruits p2-8 http://asso-gea.fr/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/ARACHNIDES64.pdf - the vegetables p 3-10 http://asso-gea.fr/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/ARACHNIDES65.pdf -dry food and some more p11-21 http://asso-gea.fr/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/ARACHNIDES66.pdf To help you a little: OO eat totally after 48h O eat but not totally after 48h N not eating nothing in case: not observed: not enough cockroaches piece to test recipe. If you have probleme with the tranlation of a food recipe: ask me, if I can help you, with pleasure.
  20. not sure that it's the same cockroach but kyle breed them: http://www.roachcrossing.com/for-sale/roach/all/little-penguin-roach/
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