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  1. my chow recipe. For 1kg: cat food 150g Wheat bran and oat 100g dry milk 50g dry biscuit 125g patee for chicks 150g croquette for guinea pig 100g not roasted peanut 50g fat for birds 25g Flake potato puree 150g dietetique yeast 100g Its purpose is to provide all of which could be useful to cockroaches, knowing that they do not necessarily have the same needs or palatability. Each element is crushed if exceeding 1mm but not powder: cockroaches are able to choose and therefore recognize each item.
  2. hi , I think like you Hisserdude; they were attacked by others but I think it isn't because they lack food. I think it lacks a necessary nutrient in their diet. I do not use a single source of dry food to avoid to the maximum this type of problem. I used a mix of dry food: dry cat food, baby bird food, dry rabbit food, dry milk , cereal flakes. I read two studies that validate the fact that "some" cockroaches are able to choose the foods to avoid nutritional checklist deficiencies. The small nymphs are probably used like food for the landing of an essential nutrient deficit.
  3. thanks, I received the 2 publications yesterday. Very interesting. good work. I don't know if I can write an interesting article but I'll certainly try.
  4. 2 new cockroaches: Eurycotis opaca II Eurycotis decipiens
  5. I think that when you enjoy something, (and that you can), you can support the person who gives time and money to sustain it. They should not be the only ones to participate; in the long run it's depressing and it finished most of the time with the stop of the service. I encourage all those who can financially, to support too the forum. long life to this forum
  6. i don't breed them but I suppose that like for the others cockroaches, that is impossible to give a rate with certitude: The factors involved are too numerous. If you take 2 colonies of the same cockroch's nymph and the same number in 2 differents boxes, with the same parameters for both: you'll certainly not have the same number of cockroaches at the adult stade in the 2 boxes. from a mathematical point of view. if you take one couple: adult female - adult male adult female - dead male dead female - adult male dead female - dead male ==> 1/4 = 25% of chance that the couple become adult.
  7. My pleasure. I had to ponder to prevent you from having to run with a dog behind your butt in a private forest.
  8. wow..... I did not think that the difference between our two countries was so great ... I can go in public wood pick up leaves and dead wood without worry. Only the collection of oak acorns is prohibited. You really do not seem to have a choice for your leaves. After reflexion, the spraying of pestiside is normaly not made in winter, so if it rained this winter, the leaves should be already quite clean. Finally, if the "insect killers" does not use pesticides in winter (insects were hidden to protect themselves from the cold, it is useless) , and if it rains in your area.
  9. Hello, If you are interessed, like you had perhaps saw on the forum, I breed Hemithyrsocera histrio with a good result. I could present my parameters and my equipment in an article. but there are two problems: - all around the world, this cockroach is named hemithyrsocera histrio but it seems that this is not his real name. The museum's photo of hemithyrsocera histrio shows another cockroach. But I can present il like "hemithyrsocera sp (named H Histrio in hobby)" - my english is not good and my article will have certainly to be edit.
  10. hi, i'm interessed by this publication. how to make payment ? sending to France. thanks.
  11. hello, 2 points: - In France, the public tree don't received pestiside, I suppose that it's the same thing in US. The pestiside are used when you have something to protect, like fruit.( if it's leaves from fruit tree: I would put the leaves again). - All the leaves canno't be used with cockroaches if you want to be sure that they can eat them; some leaves should be privileged: oak, chestnut.... In other words, go to forest with these bags (empty) and picks up a mixture of leaves. It's less work finally (compared to actually wash the leaves and dry them) and less anxiety about your cockroaches.
  12. http://www.zin.ru/animalia/coleoptera/addpages/Andrey_Ukrainsky_Library/References_files/Bell07.pdf very interesting, especialy about diet and relation between the eating of microbes and digestion.
  13. I sell them at this price because it's a hobby. I don' t want make money, just that the sales covers the cost of my hobby. I want that a maximum of breeders has a chance to buy theses cockroaches for a fair price . The cost of shipping for a priority letter ( 3cm heigh max) to US is of 12-15$. If after june, I have avalaible histrio, I'll propose some batches of 10 nymphs on this forum. (Just the shipping cost ). please: don't contact me before june when I confirm I have avalaible.
  14. woww, I ever sold 80 nymphs= in US I'll sell them 560$ . In real life I sell them 1€/ nymph = 1,12$ . total=90$ I suppose that like in europe many breeders don't have babies. We are only two with very much avalaible. My 3 buyers are so affraid about the breeding that they sell 30, 40, 40 nymphs. If only one US breeder use good conditions, he can very quickly make the happy of all american's breeders interessed. keep hope
  15. 70 $ : how many nymphs for this price ?
  16. the conquest began "look into my eyes", " you are in my power" , " you love H histrio"
  17. my pleasure. They seems to be in good conditions: already 90 nymphs and 3 females with ootheque= 20-30 nymphs on each ootheque. I have 2 boxes with 10 histrio in each and it's just with one of them. In the second box, they become adult later and must begin to have babies about 2or 3 weeks... it will be a histrio invasion.......
  18. thanks. For panesthia: it's a shame that the import of cockroaches is complicated for you because I sell actually 10-12 nymphs.
  19. Temperature: 25°c day, 20°c night.... substratum: mixture of sand, crushed leaves, soil, 3cm. Box: 20X30X20 for 10 adults. On the half left box,nothing else.. On the half right box: I put 7-8 cm of dry leaves and dry white rotten wood. All 3-4 days, I spray water, like a rain. just on the right of the box. The box has a good aeration and the leaves on the top become dry after one day but the 4 cm on the bottom are all the time wet. The female put the ootheque on the wet party, the adults hide on the leaves, the small nymphs prefer the dry substratum. Food: personal chow = cat food, bird food, herbivorfood, dry milk, crushed dry cake, fat for bird. cereals. fresh banana, fresh apple, fruit compote. but warning= The nymphs are very small, you must cover the top of the box with something to stop them. She passed between the box and the lid. silicone grease appears block but is not enough. I do not use mosquito nets but that: http://www.jardincou...CFaUIwwodzA0H4Q I don't know the english name, sorry. I paid 3€ for 10m²
  20. sure, I found on facebook a man who live near New york who breed H histrio and H palliata. He received Histrio from Deutchland. He would find another colony from other origin for genetic diversity.
  21. I wrote on another file "favorite roache" that: I'm ready to do all that it's possible for that
  22. If you don't finally find them, I could do something for you...
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