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  1. I'm not sure of the translation of "able". you are not sure to found some piece of histrio or if you think that you don't have enough experience with cockroach breeding.
  2. yes, it's very impressive when they are all awake in my first "babies box" 55 nymphs = a real anthill small video:
  3. ok, thanks to all... I'll forget this idea, I don't want hybrid...
  4. no hesitation for me: hemithyrsocera histrio. :wub: They are small but so beautiful: the black and yellow adult; the black,white and red nymph. they are active on day and not shy or affraid. I can see them often in them box. some of breeders around me have problem to keep them. so it was a challenge for me to have babies. at this time with 10 adults I have more than hundred nymphs. they are 15-21days, they look like ants. this is not bragging. I give my breeding parameters to all who wish breed them. I want that this cockroach conquers the world
  5. i think that it isn't a good idea
  6. annalacta mehtanoides panesthia angustipennis cognata gyna bisannulata hemithyrsocera sp (histrio in hobby) nymphs H histrio: gyna lurida aerulopeda insignis
  7. hello, I would take three gyna sp together. G centurio, G caffrorum, G lurida in a big community tank. is there a risk of getting hybrids ? thanks
  8. Symploce yaeyamana Symploce gigas Symploce striata Japan breeder
  9. yes but simandoa is ovoviviparous = no ootheque...
  10. 48h possible with dhl but expensive. 5-8 days with usps with the most speed choice of send.
  11. super cool comme news :( merci de l'info
  12. frais annexes: vas-y achève moi...
  13. Vu qu'elles sont introuvables chez nous, normal. Ce qui ne m'arrange pas, c'est le message de hisserdude sur ton fil: "je ne peux pas envoyer en dehors des US" . Cela va poser problème pour mon annonce justement... j'espere que ce n'est pas à cause d'une legislation mais du fait qu'il a 15 ans. As they were not found at home, normal. This does not help me, it's the hisserdude's message on your thread: "I can not send outside the US." This will cause problems for my ad just ... I hope it's not because of legislation. edit: I hope it's because he is 15 years old.
  14. d'un petit hameau collé à Carcassonne. and you ?
  15. hello dear compatriot Thanks a lot, I hope too
  16. first, I'm sorry for my english : google traduction is my friend . I'm a frenchman and a breeder of cockroaches. I search 2-3 species who can't be found in Europe. I'll post my search in the "ad listing" forum.
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