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  1. After crawling under the house and taking a closer look, I think they actually were feeding on a large piece of plywood that was sitting on the ground. I think when the alates emerged they happened to crawl up the brick and into the wall. Pretty lucky break.
  2. Anyone here ever had to have your house treated for termites? What did you do with your animals during?
  3. Has anyone experimented with infecting different species to see if one can survive with iridovirus?
  4. Eublaberus are voracious eaters... I'd be concerned with them nipping and pestering the snake tbh.
  5. Welcome! What species of millipede do you keep?
  6. If I survive this hurricane I might be interested in Spirostreptus sp 4 if I can afford them.
  7. Ill get on it drunk and shirtless
  8. Coco fiber with rotten wood and leaves mixed in. Same setup and care when their population would explode.
  9. I've had a colony of giganteus for a few years now and it's population seems to wax and wane dramatically. At one point overrun and now I probably only have 10 adults and a decent number of nymphs. This has happened before but I never hammered down the cause. Enclosure is a sterility bin about the size of a 20 gal with maybe 4 inches of substrate with lots of cork bark.
  10. Depends on species for me. My Therea seem to barely eat but my E pilosa and my P americana eat an insane amount.
  11. Anyone else had issues with tormentosa overrunning enclosures or otherwise causing issues with other species? My Vonones ornata colony stopped producing once the tormentosa numbers rose. After rehousing them they began producing again which makes me think the isopods were eating the eggs. They also infested my A gigas cage which made me have to set up a whole new cage up. They seem to be fine in my roach cages though.
  12. If they can get out of that I'll just feed them off. My life is difficult enough without bugs making me look inept.
  13. Ended up using a 1 gallon jar with screw on kid with holes and pantyhose
  14. Nice. I've read that they're escape artists, does Vaseline do a decent job of keeping them contained?
  15. Is it necessary to use substrate with these or can I get away with just some dry leaf litter?
  16. I've dropped crickets in with my Periplaneta americana and they definitely chased, mobbed, killed, and ate them. At least some species have no problem hunting down prey.
  17. I love my white eyes. They're so active and alert. You can't even tell that they're blind. Hey I saw on your profile you have some species I'm interested in, in case you want some white eyes in trade
  18. I've been lurking for a while but never bothered to post.
  19. I don't know what I would consider my favorite. I really enjoy my A gigas, Vonones ornata, and white eyed P Americana a lot.
  20. I'm already friends with some of you on Facebook, but for everyone else, my name is Jay and I like invertebrates and malt liquor.
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