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  1. First, I'm not sure if this should go in "General Blattodea Discussion" or not but, I decided to put it here because it does have to do with breeding. I've had some Elliptorhina javanica adults together for a while. I noticed this female that appears to have a much larger abdomen than some of the other adults. I have not seen an oothecae. Does she look gravid to you? (Ignore the link at the bottom of the post. I don't know what it is, or how to get rid of it.)
  2. I agree that it Kyle's absence was indeed very strange. He is usually very prompt about getting back to E-Mails. He finally got back to me, and I had to ask him when he was updating the site. Apparently there will be some "interesting" roaches for sale before the month is out. Looking forward to it
  3. I know what you mean. I've got a few roaches in the mail right now, including some rare Gyna centurio. For me though, it is more exciting than anything else.
  4. Based on the description of the species, it appears that wing shade is the only difference between species. Perhaps they are all the same species, and wing color is the equivalent of hair color in humans, and should not have been enough to warrant itself a different species in the first place. A genital dissection would be more reliable in determining if it should be classified as its own species. For being a science, taxonomy is highly subject to opinion.
  5. Yellow lurida show up frequently in cultures though. Same goes for black hissers. If this is indeed a color morph, it is an incredibly rare one at that. Smartass...
  6. Yes, I saw that. I don't think that the claim of it being T. peterivana is correct. If anything it is a morph of T. olegrandjeani.
  7. Honestly, I believe that to be mistaken taxonomy, or a hybrid species. There's just not that amount of variation between individuals of T. peterivana.
  8. We should start an unofficial little study here. It wouldn't be very scientific, and I doubt any serious entomologists (other than myself lol) would take any notice of this, but we could still learn something. If you own any, check the underwings of your dominoes. If they are black, you can say you have T. bernhardti. If the underwings are transparent, or another color, you can say you have T. peterivana.That way we can see which people/ dealers have the true dominoes, and which have the black underwing dominoes.
  9. Ok, thanks for clearing that up. I thought it was strange that there was that mysterious link you posted, and there were the "black underwing" dominoes. If everything we thought was T. peterivana is actually T. bernhardti, then what does the true T. peterivana look like?
  10. I've been hearing rumors lately that a new species of Therea is coming to the US hobby. It is rumored to be Therea bernhardti, and is apparently already (rarely) available in Europe. There's also this image that I have seen (I didn't find the image, that credit goes to HisserDude!) of a mystery Therea sp: http://www.karaczany...um.pl/therea-sp I've also seen a few dealers list "black underwing domino cockroaches" as T. bernhardti. What do you guys think of these rumors? Is the USA getting a new roach, or is this all wishful thinking and hot air?
  11. Thanks! I actually posted something about aerated soil on AB, but you answered my question here.
  12. Welcome to my first post on roachforum.com! (I'm not new to the hobby though. Don't get confused there.) I saw centurion roaches available for sale on capecodraoches.com. I'd like to have some, but I hear that they can be trickier to keep than other Gyna sp. Is that true? Are they still easy to rear? And, if anyone has ever dealt with Cape Cod Roaches, I would appreciate it if you could tell me about your experience. Are they a dealer I should avoid? Thanks!
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