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  1. Yeah thats exactly how it is in my colony, all the same colors and patterns vary slightly.
  2. Lateralis is a pest species unofficially, just don't let any escape and keep the population down and they wont get out.
  3. I might have to get some of those, been thinking about it for awhile. They are just awesome roaches.
  4. If you have any lizards they will pretty much take care of any invert overpopulation problems you can have. My 4 monitor lizards and 12 tarantulas keep my 6 colonies of roaches in check pretty well. And I have isopods in 3 of the 6 roach colonies. (6 dif roach species) Too bad my pythons don't eat roaches, that would be perfect.
  5. If you must cull them here are a few ways... You can enclose them in a back and put them in the freezer. Or you can put them in a bag and shoot co2 into the bag. Either way I'd say is rather painless. Another way is tosse a rubbing acohol soaked paper towel in a bag full of them. I would say tho the best way to get rid of overstock roaches is to give them to a pet sotre or sell them. Or someone who breeds lizards in your area. If you want to slow down thier breeding I'd lower their temperature by about 5-10F. That would slow down the breeding alot. Luckily I don't really have an overstock problem becuase of my monitor lizard and tarantula collection. The monitors are eating machines especially, they can eat a dozen roaches a day each if I'd let them. When you thin the roach population down, handpick the runty mature roaches and the ones with bad colors if possible.
  6. Nice little sling, pulchra remind me of a pure black smithi. I think my fav slings are the GBB slings because they are so interestingly colored.
  7. I'm not saying it will definately kill them or hurt them... but just doesn't sound like a great idea. Try this, if you have an especially large colony of another species of roaches around throw one of the newly molted pure white nymphs of that species in with your orange heads.
  8. I would imagine it would make the roaches extremely thirsty or possibly kill them. Beef jerky is extremely loaded with preservatives artificial flavors and sodium among other things. If your worried about your orange heads getting enough protean, dog food , ferret food or cat food should be work.
  9. I imagine that something in their natural diet is what makes them glow. Perhaps if what it was were discovered captive bread glowspots might glow as well.
  10. I've heard that only wild caught glowspots actually glow.
  11. Ok cool thanks guys, they sounded like good feeders to me because I've heard they reproduce pretty fast for a large sp. It's also nice that they arn't climbers. I was just wondering why they were not more commonly kept. Maybe they are common and just arn't very talked about. Craniifer are great but I have them more as a pet colony then feeder. What do the people who keep tarantulas here prefer to use for sling food? I know many roach species would work but whats your favorite for spiderlings 1/4'' to 2''?
  12. Anyone have any pics of these? Anyone culturing them?
  13. Not too familiar with raising mantids, I'm more of a reptile guy to be honest. But what Orin says makes alot of sense and I'm fairly certain he has experience with mantids.
  14. No one? Are they that rare in captivity or are they just undesirable in some way to culture?
  15. It looks very interesting I'm curious as to what the adults look like.
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