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  1. Been a while since I posted an update, so here goes. Got Schwick a lady-friend named Stardust, pictured HERE. And here's them out and about together, LINK. They're doing great.
  2. Awesome! I was concerned with those mites on my G. oblongonota, I contacted Peter Clausen and he told me they were harmless and quite possibly even beneficial! Love that set-up too!
  3. Thanks! Just an update for y'all: Gonna move Schwick to a smaller, more ventilated, container and let his shoebox dry out some.
  4. Oh my goodness, that's adorable! Looking through roach crossing, lots of great looking species! Especially those M. rhinoceros... So big, so bulky, so colorful.
  5. Then you'd have them even longer and watch them grow! Much better imo. Maybe I'll shell out some for my Birthday in June... Super interested in them now. Biggest concern with nymphs would be their well-being, given the investment and all. Roaches are cool is the point of all this.
  6. Drying it out now, some dwarf isopods are on their way with my female hisser, so I should be good after this.
  7. Wow! Truth be told, I'd shell out $200 or so for a sub-adult pair no problem! I'll wait a couple years and see where the species is at in the hobby I suppose.
  8. Thanks! Yeah, so have I in the past. However, I just found his patch of pillow moss covered by thin, wispy, white "hairs" though. In other words: Mold. Not sure what to do in that situation as I'd like to re-introduce it to the habitat, I just threw it in the freezer... Not even sure why tbh. letting it dry out under my Blue DF Beetles' heat lamp is probably a better idea.
  9. Gonna say normal. I'm probably the odd one out, the only other species I have interest in besides my G. oblongonota are E. chopardi and (of course) M. rhinoceros. One can dream on the latter.
  10. Hi, you can call me Schwick (just Schwick.) I recently started the bug-keeping hobby and am pretty hooked! My most recent addition is by far my favorite, a "monster" male G. oblongonota I named Schwick. A partner for him is on the way, so I'm joining here to share my experiences and learn some more! Here is Schwick in his set-up (which will have a few more decor additions along with a female G. oblongonota soon): And yes, I know it looks very humid, I over-soaked the coco-fiber disks and am still letting it dry out. He's doing well. Thanks for having this site and all the members here for sharing their love of roaches!
  11. Here's my G. oblongonota's, I plan on updating it a bit more soon.
  12. You wanna know what made those bones?

    1. Tenevanica


      You don't wanna know what made those bones.

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