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  1. I combined Kyle's stock and Capecod roaches red pronotum stock to make specimens that are pale but have bold black and red colors. This is an interesting idea and I may try to breed for some of those traits you mentioned.
  2. Wow, those are beautiful! Hope you can get the trait isolated.
  3. Glad A. sp Montenegro are growing in the hobby, now I'm just waiting for the price to go down.
  4. Wow, I love those subtle pronotum markings and the reddish coloration. Beautiful roach, obviously well worth the wait!
  5. Where in California did you collect them? I've only seen amphipods here in LA.
  6. Awesome pics of the lil' guys, glad you like them so much! I also like how translucent their stomachs are, sometimes they actually change color depending on what you feed them. I'm sure you'll love the maculatum once they mature, they're slow growers but their adult patterning is beautiful.
  7. Didn't collect enough inverts to justify shipping, but I will next time.
  8. I tried taking them on using tupperware and moist paper towels. Either the heat of the airport was too much or the radiation from the x-ray machine fried them because they were dessicated before we even boarded.
  9. So! Last night I tried Porcellio laevis. Here they are right out of the freezer. Then after washing, straining, and frying with sesame oil, wheat free tamari soy suace, and brown sugar. Overall they were not bad at all. They were soft-bodied but had a slight crunch, and there was a noticeable difference between the flavor of females with eggsacs and those without. Overall I would call them... gritty. A beer definitely helped them go down. Next time I make these I'm going to try baking them in cookies and sweet bread. I think that these are something that are better treated as a topping or raisin, just occasionally sprinkled without and not a bulk of the food. But that said, these were not at bad at all on their own. My colony of green banana roaches collapsed this week unfortunately, almost all of the individuals I have died of old age and all I have are microscopic nymphs running around the substrate. My main problem is I don't have that extensive of a collection to cull! Which leads me to my next point; if ANYONE wants to donate a colony or species of isopod or small to medium roach they'd like to see me eat, I am up for just about anything. My main goal is to be able to farm them on a large scale and see if I can make insects the bulk of my diet. I just don't have enough species and cultures to draw from.
  10. I've had hissers die immediately from eating orange rinds so I wouldn't put it in with them.
  11. I use these as well, the watertight seal is great. I just hot glue my screen right onto the plastic.
  12. Nice haul! If the Phrynus marginemaculatus are a mating pair I'd love to pick up some offspring. My dream is to have a huge colony tank of the lil' suckers. I thought most in the UK were Damon variegatus?
  13. Two new litters in my Javanica tank, they were definitely making room. Thanks for the help.
  14. Wow, I love the colors! They look permanently freshly molted. Hope you're successful in breeding.
  15. Hey all, I gathered three new species while in new england. I've got about a dozen Oniscus asellus, a single gravid P. Muscorum, and a single gravid T. Rathkii. RIght now they're in baby food jars with ventilation, carrot, leaves, and soil, and I was wondering if they would be ok to take on a domestic flight back to California in my carry-on. I'm not sure how TSA would react but I'm pretty sure they'd shrug and laugh when I said they were "pill bugs". The only times I've heard of people having issues was with tarantulas or other exotics.
  16. Yeah, I wasn't sure either! But I'm definitely happy for you to step up and be the guinea pig heh. I figured they were fine since they're such common feeders. But still, you're probably the first to eat them.
  17. Wow, thanks for taking the plunge Varnon. That's comforting knowing that the panchlora are safe to eat. I'm going to be cooking them with soy sauce and sugar to caramelize in my first experiment. I'll post pics when I get the chance.
  18. That's possible, although it was more bent in the middle if that makes sense. Like, misaligned sloppily (the second to last row jutted out whereas the last and third-to-last row were in line. So yeah, idk! Are ooths supposed to be uniform in all instances? Also I feed them dog food, fish flakes, and pond sticks dusted with chunks of cuttlefish bone in addition to the fresh fruit, veggies, and grains. I'd be surprised if it was a nutrient deficiency.
  19. 6 females to 3 males in a pretty sizeable container. (8 gallon). The first ooth was very small, so guessing infertile, and the other I had seen her airing and was pretty big but uneven for some reason? She dropped it and devoured it. They've put on a lot of weight and size since then so I think I was just being impatient heh. The fights between the two males are extremely loud and obnoxious, I constantly hear scuttling and clamoring in there and they drive the females from their comfortable resting spots. One of the males also lost all of his antennae, so I'm guessing they're just more aggressive than most species.
  20. I had a creeping suspicion that it was the three males that were constantly fighting so I put one in a separate cage and that helped, but I had to put him back because I'm on vacation. Hoping my females pop while I'm away. Question, do you use a heat source? I've had multiple heating setups but at this time of year I don't feel as though I need one.
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