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  1. In Europe they are readily available! I don't know for the USA.
  2. Hello Kenneth, sorry for the late-late reply. Thanks for your info I'm keeping some rhinoceros's now and they are striking to!
  3. Hello Tom, i'm Bart, also from Holland. I'm keeping the following roachspecies: Archimandrita tessalata Blaberus discoideus Blaptica dubia Gromphadorhina portentosa Gyna lurida Panchlora sp. giant Therea petiveriana Poetalia Pallida If you are interested in any of these maybe we can swap animals. I'm also registered at insectfocus.nl witch has an Blattaria forum. We can conversate there in Dutch : it wouldn't be polite to write Dutch here Regards Bart
  4. In my colony the tessalata's are not peppered after their last molt but more dark: thus also hyperpigmented! Bart Holland
  5. I get some of these to. How do you keep them? Thanks Bart Holland
  6. Goodevening everyone i'm searching for the following insect-species: Stilpnochlora couloniana macropanesthia rhinoceros paratropes lycoides Gyna capucina Idolomantis diabolica Aularches milliaris zonocera variegata Phyllocrania paradoxa Ancylecha fenestrata Samia ricini oncopeltus fasciatus Please contact me if you have any of the above listed species available I live in Holland, Europe Greets Bart
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