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  1. Hello! I've loved roaches for awhile and had some of 10 years ago. Well, my boyfriend and I of four years rented so no roaches. We finally got a house in June, and we have our spare bedroom room for reptiles and tarantulas, but I couldn't get him to agree on roaches. Well, we got our first three species (dubias, red runners, and Kenyan roaches) as feeders and the boyfriend decided he liked them. Well, now I'm getting 14 pet species, most this week. I already have question marks, orange dominos, and female wide horn hissers. This week I'm getting ghost porcelains, yellow porcelains, dominos, centurians, burmese beetle mimics, dwarf hissers, Halloween hissers, 10 Simandoa nymphs, glowspots, Princisia vanwaerebeki, and my favorite of all, two adult male warty glowspots. I'm beyond excited! Ordered books and magazines from Peter. I'm happy to be a part of the pet roach hobby! If you have any advice on care, let me know
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