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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Everyone, my name is Roger, I currently own roaches as both pets and feeders. I currently have about 25 Madagascar hissing roaches, 250 Dubias (both as feeders and selectively breeding them for color traits) and 50 Discoides roaches. In spite having a glass climbing species (the hissers) I tend to prefer species that either prefer not to climb or are non climbing species. I used to have a decent sized colony of Blaberus giganteus and I'm definitely thinking of getting them again along with trying to breed a colony of Peppered roaches as well however I was always wondered how many exotic pet roach species there are out there and are they any exceptionally colorful or bold species that are available as pets in the US? For the most part the species I know about are the ones that Peter Clausen sells on his website but I do wonder if there are other's more colorful, bolder or larger species such as species in the genus Megaloblatta that are available for captive breeding? If anyone can answer these questions I would be most grateful. Aside from that I have known about this website mostly coming across it by accident in the past looking for insect online stores and such but I never considered joining until Peter Clausen mentioned about this site to me in an online conversation. Its great to be among like minded people and I am very happy to be here aside from that I also like giant beetles so if anyone is giving away giant beetles or roaches please let me know I'm usually interested. If anyone needs any help with rearing, diet or some breeding tips let me know as well I'm always willing to help and I've been experimented with the roaches diets, environment, and lighting to see what happens so far the results are interesting.
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