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Found 1 result

  1. So there has been a rumor circulating among roach enthusiasts that feeding bioluminescent mushrooms or fungi to Lucihormetica roach species (glow spot roach species) can recreate the bioluminescent features that the species have in the wild. Considering the morphology of lucihormetica the glow spots on their prothorax is a section of thin transparent exoskeleton membrane instead of a specialized organ like that of fire flies. This means that the muscles of Lucihormetica species glow and is apparent in areas where the exoskeleton is thin or transparent. This is evident in the very few photos of wild individuals. Now reading the research of Orin McMonigle and others who specialize in roach husbandry. In general the coloration of adult roaches can be altered slightly through the food they ingest during their development as nymphs as well as genetic color variations and diversity (this is best shown in the wide array and coloration of Dubia roaches and mix bred hisser roaches). With this in mind could it be possible to create adult roaches with traces of bioluminescence by feeding them glowing mushrooms or fungi through the duration of their nymph phases??? I would like a second opinion on this possible experiment.
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