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Found 8 results

  1. Pretty excited here today! The male cockroach arrived and he is absolutely amazing! The ladies of the collective seem to really like him and activity has been high since his arrival. Along with Mr. Man, we've also added a nice tank heater and some cool logs for perching and hiding! While not currently too keen on being held, he does share a very nice display of hissing when fingers are near! All in all, an awesome addition to the group!
  2. P. aegtiaca I'm told that P. aegtiaca take up to two years to reach adult from newborn nymph, is this true? How long do they live as adults? and i heard that they eat mostly, leaves and protein supplement, with an occasional nibble on fruit, is this true? how long does this species incubate for? what's the best temperature and humidity for this species? B. Peruvianus How long do these take to reach adult from new born nymph? how long do they live as adults? i use water crystal gel, apples an a protein supplement for this species, is this alright? how long does this species incubate for? and whats the best temperature and humidity for this species? Please comment some answers and thank you for your time, George.
  3. Need care help for my soon coming P. Aegtiaca,(Egyptian sand roaches) B. Peruvianus (Peruvian cave roaches) any information or link would be useful, do they need substrate? if so, what best? what would they eat? is fruit, veg and bug grub enough?
  4. This is my current Cockroach colony. What do you guys think?? Hissing roaches Gromphadorhina portentosa & Princisia vanwaerebecki Blaptica dubia (Food for my girlfriends tarantulas) My Peppered roaches (Archimandrita tesselata) My Cuban burrowing cockroaches (Byrsotria fumigata)
  5. Okay, here's the deal. I acquired a breeding colony of these roaches a year or so ago with the understanding that I would breed them and distribute them to the US hobby. Their scientific name is Simandoa conserfariam, with the latter meaning "to conserve" and it is in that spirit that I have initially offered them to our members here: Orin, Mr. Crackerpants, Zephyr and blatta70. What's the big deal? These roaches (originally) came from a mine in Africa that was apparently mined for bauxite and they are not known from any other place. Their one habitat is gone, meaning that captivity is the only place they exist. Anyway, I have another lot of 8 of them that I want to send to somebody. So, we're going to let the membership here decide who should get the next batch of them. I am specifically requesting that no member here submits their own name as a candidate. If you submit your own name or plead on your own behalf in any way, you'll be disqualified not only from getting this next batch, but quite likely have your own name moved down the list a rung (or ladder) or two. What I am requesting here is for our membership on this forum to form a consensus for who is mostly likely to do a fantastic job in helping us to perpetuate the existence of this species. Who will keep them alive and share them with others? Sorry, but this offer is only open to US members of this forum. I can't ship internationally. Also, please, nobody send me PM's to ask for these or to be on a list for them. When the next batch comes available I will be offering them in similar fashion. I will be covering shipping costs, as well. Here's a video I shot of the species when I first received them.
  6. Hello, Can any one tell me where i can buy American Roaches? I read that somebody buy them on a Chinees website. Somebody know this site? Kind regards, Bas
  7. I started my Blaptica Dubia Colony about 4 months ago, first time doing anything like this. And I am now proud to say, I have 11 female, 5 males, and 64 Babies. Here are some Pictures!
  8. My Mixed Box of Ten Hissers(One died the other week) just making it to adulthood.
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