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Found 4 results

  1. Around 5 days ago, I awoke to find my beloved MHC, Oswald, lying in his back in his cage and very sluggish when picked up. That day, he began to heave as though he was going to molt. I waited as the days passed by, but he has not heaved anymore and is not very sluggish anymore either. I’m very new to keeping pet roaches, he is my only one, so is this normal? He looks to be full grown, I was very surprised when I thought he was going to molt. I will attach a picture of him for reference.
  2. I found my male roach leaning on the wall on his back. I thought he was stuck so I nudged him onto his front. When I did he stayed slightly curled. I think it is very likely he got stuck in his molt. Though he is most likely dead I'd like to know if there is anything i can do to avoid something like this in the future. In the off chance he's not dead is there anything i can do?
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