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Found 3 results

  1. I know this is a roach forum but I beleave you can post pictures hear for any species? I will get pics when I have these imported, and it will take multiple imports to get all of these species in the hobby. Some are new species and some are rare in the hobby rare species list •Spirostreptidae Spec. 4 •Giant African millipedes New species list (as far as I know these are not in the US hobby but I could be wrong) •unknown millipede from Greese 2 color forms, I beleve they are different shades of brown, adults •Glomeris Marginata "Lasgarn wood lands" juveniles and adults, these are European pill millipedes black dark brown light brown speces from Malaysia •Thyropygus sp. banded 25 cm •Thyropygus sp. metalic black 23 cm •Thyropygus sp. orange 22 cm • I can also get a species of pill milliped from Malaysia they are small i will import on demand as of now, payment will have to be made in full before I put them on the next import I will attach pics when I can I will attach prices to each species later on.
  2. Hi there My name is Alfredo and I'm from Mexico. I'm a photographer and all my whole life I liked insects, especially the cockroaches. Now, currently I post some funny photos of my hissers on Instagram, if you're interested (@apshot) In august 2013 an American Periplaneta adult appeared in my house... Fortunately here it is very clean and almost never appear, so I decided captured it and care of all my love. Since then my passion for blatodeos grew. Oh, yeah, his name is Brody and it's a very cool roach and it has approximately 15 months of age My Hissers: 1 Gromphadorhina Portentosa (Male) 1 Gromphadorhina Oblongonota (Male) 1 "Black" Princisia Vanwaerebeki (Male, I think) Also: 3 Periplaneta Americana ("Brody", 1 very recently captured adult female and a young wingless not afraid of me) 1 German Cockroach (All his family died. His family arrived inside a terrarium for my iguana and I captured all. All died naturally and he was born and raised here) Soon?: Maybe a Death’s Head Cockroach but I never seen before... Or some hissers females for my boys... I don't know.
  3. I started my Cockroach collection about a month and a half ago. I started with a simple Box of Dubais They gave birth in roughly 27days after buying them and setting them up. I was over joyed ! I also got so e madagascar hissing cockroaches around the same time, but theyhaven't given birth yet.
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