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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys One of my male A. tesselata nymphs molted into adulthood yesterday. Sadly one of his wings got caught up in the old skin and tore mostly off. I've set him up in a small bin so he can hopefully recover in peace, but I noticed he wiggles his abdomen up and down when I carefully move the oak leaves to check up on him (like a slow wiggle, not erratic shaking). I am unsure if this might be a bad sign of him taking more damage than just a lost wing during the molt :/ Thanks for your help
  2. Hi guys I need your input about the behaviour of one of my newer adult females. So in the last few weeks four nymphs molted into adult females. For two of them things went as usual. The other two apparently got startled into hiding before they stretched their wings. I noticed that one of the females with wrinkeled wings just... doesn't do much compared to the other roaches and seems to live in slow-motion, both while being held and in the enclosure. Like, she moves reeeeally slowly and mostly hides away under leaves and hiding places. and she doesn't seem to notice food in front of her with her maxillary palps. Not even when I put it right under her mouth. I'm honest, I do not know if she actually eats anything, as I am away for uni most of the day, but her abdomen looks still rounded. I'll try to feed her baby food tomorrow to see if she wants to/manages to eat that at least. She is also, even now, still rather pale and her antennae are squiggly, not straightned like the others'. So my questions are: 1) Are there actually any disadvantages the wrinkeled-up wings could cause for the two ladies? 2) Should I be worried about the slow-mo roach (I know this is a rather vague question) and do you think there is anything I can do to make life easier for her, since I don't want to give up on her without trying...? Thank you in advance
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