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Found 1 result

  1. Curious....wondering if an older female dubia will regularly discard her ooth simply because of age? I had started my first colony with an order of 80 or so adult Dubias (4-1 female to male) but waited 3 months with ZERO nymphs. I was obsessive with research, reading everything I could find for proper breeding conditions, tried all the tricks (I think) Repeatedly I saw aborted ooths, always dark brown in color, never light colored even when they were still protruding from the females. I finally gave up on that colony, sold them as feeders and bought large adults (1 molt from breeding) and an existing producing colony and it looks like I'm doing everything right, consistent nymphs finally! Yay! I haven't seen an ooth yet even (I try not to bother them as much as possible) So, I'm just crazy curious as to why that first colony only ever had aborted, dried out ooths when this colony seems to be doing well under the same conditions? When I ordered that first colony, I only ordered 15 females and 5 males but they actually shipped me over 80. I thought I hit the jackpot but now I think they may have just sent me old feeders. I can't find an answer to this ooth question anywhere! Thanks everyone!
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