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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! Ive had my four male gromphadorhina portentosa roaches for several months and I feel pretty confident in their care. Since I feel a lot more relaxed about my first roach children I was looking into getting another species for my birthday in the summer. Right now I have my eye on either Gyna centurio, Archimandrita tesselata, or Elliptorhina javanica. I want two of whatever I decide (not necessarily a breeding pair but just two to have housed seperately). Does anyone have any idea on which I should get? I figured Id pick what kind first and then find somewhere with a reasonable price (suggestions for those are welcome too LOL) Id also like to thank the community for being here I know Im not very active but it's nice to know theres people willing to help if I would ever need any. (P.S. Gyna centurio can fly right? Yeah....is there any way to deal with that? Im not scared at all or anything like that but I woulsnt want to hurt the roach(es))
  2. Hey guys As I woke up one hour ago today, I saw something amazing! One of my older A. tesselata nymphs was in the process of doing its final molt! Ahe (I think...) is still in the old skin with part of her abdomen.
  3. Good evening I have a question regarding oothecas of Archimandrita tesselata. One of my younger adult females did the whole process of pushing her (first ever) ootheca out of her body to retract it again. But the thing is, about 1 centimetre of the ootheca is still sticking out of her. Is that a health risk and can the rest of the ootheca still be properly incubated by the female? Or should I relieve her of the thing (she seems to be doing fine, as far as I can tell - I am rather new to keeping cockroaches though...). Thank you in advance - Pia
  4. Good evening! Today what I was dreading actually happened - I woke up to my two adult males (one being my original male and the other being rather freshly molted) fighting with each other. I know they do fight on occasion but it still looked so brutal! Since the new male seemed kinda shy and was burrying itself a lot, they never had that much contact with each other. My question is if they can actually seriously hurt each other? If they'd go for the legs that'd suck... is it smarter to keep them in seperate groups/enclosures? Thanks in advance! - Pia (P.s. I wasn't sure where to put this topic. But since this is a courtship-related question I posted in the breeding section)
  5. I discovered that older male Archimandrita tesselata roaches can hiss. I was completely surprised that when I touched one of my 2 year old males, he hissed. Pretty much the same way as a Madagascar roach does (albeit much fainter). I checked to see if it wasn't through wings scrubbing or something similar. But the abdomen actually contracted much like one can see in the Madagascar roaches. So I did try to make a video of the hissing action. The quality isn't optimal, as only a red light illuminates the enclosure. To improve viewing, I converted it to black/white. The hissing is also quite faint, but nevertheless audible. Anyone else observed this? Only one of my males does exhibit this behavior, so I assume it isn't common. Hissing Archimandrita tesselate roaches
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