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Found 3 results

  1. one of my male hissers has been active a lot more lately and i wanted to know if digging is normal for them. He is probably the healthiest of the four, but in all fairness Ive determined that my one roach named Cashew is a lot older. He comes from under his cork bark log thing, wanders around, and then goes to this one corner and just digs. sometimes he fills it in a little but he'll just dig for some time and then leave, returning an hour or so later. if i fill it in he does it again, only to the one corner. he also stands up in the corner as well. he cant climb up the side of the container but im working on finding some nice climby things for him and my other three roaches at a later date so they have something to ""play"" on. lol. i will attach pictures after i figure out how. (all roaches are seperated. heat is an average of 78°F and the humidity is around 60% with a light misting every few days. they eat fresh fruits, veggies, and some fish flakes every now and then. he has a cork bark log, an egg carton, and a rocky little food bowl that used to have insect water gel in it, but i didnt like that. he's on ecoearth.)
  2. I believe this to be the right forum for this, but I purchased a book for myself as a birthday gift about cockroaches. I love this book. http://www.amazon.com/Cockroaches-Ecology-Behavior-Natural-History/dp/0801886163/ It's expensive, but worth it. It's not picture heavy, but it is loaded with information. It's directed towards the scientific community to help others either gain an appreciation for cockroaches, or learn more about the insects they love. There's a lot of terms in there I have had to google, but I was more than happy to do it! I wanted to share this because I'm impressed with it, and I can't wait finish it. Are there any other books out there that are recommended reads? I've already got the Allpetroaches book!
  3. I saw a breeder's list that had these beautiful roaches in pretty good price, and I think of ordering some. To be more specific, they're L. verrucosa and L. subcincta. Is there anything I should note about their care or their special behaviour? They don't climb smooth surfaces, as far as I know. Is there any difference between the two species? Thanks in advance!
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