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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I was just wondering about the differences between the "UCR" and regular Death's Head Roach cultivars. I know that the "UCR" are larger, paler, and calmer, but are there any other differences? Thanks, and happy roaching everyone!
  2. I've had a small colony that started out around 12-14 Blaberus Fusca nymphs, who i've had for around 3 months. I started getting random die off of nymphs at around 2 months or beginning of the third month. First it was mostly the nymphs, all around their final instar. They did not display any sort of system of fungi or insecticide problems. Or any sort of lethal mites. (Besides general grain mites) If I find them 'knocking on deaths door' they were unresponsive, lethargic and limp with some twitching. Sometimes I could keep one going a little longer with some sugary food but the end result was
  3. Hi all, For those of you who add rotting wood/leaves to your enclosures (like for B. giganteus), how do you prepare it? Do you collect a rotting branch/log and sterilize it somehow, or add it straight into the tank? Do you take a fresh piece of wood and innoculate it? Thanks for your input! -Eric
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