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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone. A few weeks back I got a batch of Ergaula Capucina (when picking up my bearded dragon). A lot of babies and from what I could tell maybe 4 adults? The guy gave some to me as a second feeder colony, I have a colony of Blaptica Dubia but its very early days; 2-3 months. I haven’t been using my colony as feeders as a result. Anyways. He gave them to me and told me close to nothing about their care. He simply said they would be fine in a box with a bit of soil (that i’m to keep moist) and some carrots for moisture. Is that true? I tried to but failed to find any credible or us
  2. So, I just got these cuties today. I read a lot online about the care for these, but found a lot of different opinions. So I just wanted to know a little bit more about the proper care. Do I have to most them? If so how often? What's the best food for them? When do I know which sex they are? How is the rate for breeding? How long does it take for them to mature? And I'm thankful for any other tips
  3. For everybody wondering about the e-mails I've sent with the professor (who is also a biochemist) who has been posting research on roaches since 1966, I will copy those below. Granted, there are over 4,800 species of roaches and no single person has researched them all to any great degree, so take away what you will from the questions and answers below. I personally have a small breeder colony that I've had less than two months, so I am not an authority on roaches of any species. I'm simply a technical person by nature that has a touch of self-diagnosed OCD who found so many websites with c
  4. Is it safe to out a Zoo Med heating mat (the one for a 1-5 gallon enclosure) on one of those Sterilite plastic tote containers?
  5. I apologize if this is posted incorrectly I was literally just approved to use this website(and roach keeping in general) I plan to buy two female gromphadorhina portentosa roaches and keep them as pets. I want to give them the best life that I could possibly offer them. This is what I plan to do and I would like to know if any of it sounds unsafe. My roach enclosure would be in my wooden bookcase that has a section for a medium sized television. Ive been looking at a Exo-Terra Glass Terrarium, 12" L X 12" W X 12" H as the terrarium of choice. For bedding I was recommended Zoo
  6. Welcome to my first post on roachforum.com! (I'm not new to the hobby though. Don't get confused there.) I saw centurion roaches available for sale on capecodraoches.com. I'd like to have some, but I hear that they can be trickier to keep than other Gyna sp. Is that true? Are they still easy to rear? And, if anyone has ever dealt with Cape Cod Roaches, I would appreciate it if you could tell me about your experience. Are they a dealer I should avoid? Thanks!
  7. My babies are having babies! I was pleased to actually see one of my surinam roaches complete making her ootheca, while another one was just beginning. It's a beautiful thing to watch and I hope to snap some macro shots of the process next time. In the mean time, these are my first ootheca to care for. Does any one have any tips on how to care for them? Should I take them out of the enclosure? Can I put them in a separate enclosure and if so what to they need to survive? Basic questions I'm sure, but just like any new roach parent, I'm nervous and would like to get it right the first
  8. Need care help for my soon coming P. Aegtiaca,(Egyptian sand roaches) B. Peruvianus (Peruvian cave roaches) any information or link would be useful, do they need substrate? if so, what best? what would they eat? is fruit, veg and bug grub enough?
  9. I saw a breeder's list that had these beautiful roaches in pretty good price, and I think of ordering some. To be more specific, they're L. verrucosa and L. subcincta. Is there anything I should note about their care or their special behaviour? They don't climb smooth surfaces, as far as I know. Is there any difference between the two species? Thanks in advance!
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