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Found 2 results

  1. Guest

    Cotinis worries

    My Cotinis beetle seems to be lacking in appetite. In the past few days it would lick fruits if they were on its mouth, but soon walked right past. Today I managed to get it to lick fig pulp for about 10-20 min eventually. At first it performed the usual walk-away routine, but after giving some water (accepted but not eagerly) and exposure to sunlight (flower beetles become more active in presence of heat and light) it stayed on the fruit. As the beetles can usually seem to feed for hours at a time, this may not be enough. I later gave it some other sugary liquids, which it also licked for a while, but right now it seems to have fallen asleep on the dining table after being moved indoors. Do you think that being kept in a rather gloomy (but not pitch-black) environment would be the culprit of this problem by causing the diurnal insect to become lethargic?
  2. Guest

    Scarab emergency

    Tomorrow morning I have to leave for a 2-day (1 night) trip. How will I keep my two Cotinis beetles fed and hydrated? Keep in mind that they tend to create foul-smelling messes in the substrate very frequently and that they feed almost constantly on wet sugary substances like fruit. I have no beetle jelly, and my biggest container is a giant salsa jar. Should I: dunk a peach on the verge of fermenting in there? explore homemade beetle jelly (what stuff goes into the commercial jellies that prevents rot and fungus)? wrap some plastic food wrap (with holes) around the jar and hope things don't get too stinky or dessicated when I come back? It's always done this in the past. @Hisserdude!
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