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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone I have a colony of about 1000 Shelfordella lateralis (rusty reds) And I am having issues cleaning their enclosure. I would upload a picture but I cant get I below the 0.29MB. So the enclosure has no substrate (to ease in finding ootheca) 4 Vertical egg trays and 1 horizontal tray where waterpipes are placed. Next to the horizontal egg Tray there is a food box with dogfood. My problem is to put it bluntly they shit like crazy. At the end of the week everything apart from there food bowl is covered in small fecal matter. This is removed at the start of the week and repeated each week. However, I have no good way of getting all my roaches out of the colony so I can easily clean it. What I do atm is I take each egg tray out and shake off the roaches into a temporary holding box until I have moved all the Roches. Then I make sure no roaches or ootheca are left and remove the fecal matter with a paper towel. This is slow and tedious, and I deal with escapees every time. I was wondering if any of you had some good ideas on how I could improve my cleaning routine. Thanks in advance
  2. Anyone have tips on making roach bin cleaning easier? It is annoying to take them out and then put them back in. I have my dubias in a bin with no substrate because I think two are mommas to be. Right now these are pets but once there are a few babies I'm going to start my first colony. Worried about mold. With my hissers (who are on ecoearth) I put their fruit on tile samples I got at Home Depot and it's no longer an issue. Thanks
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