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Found 2 results

  1. So I just got an order of 100 female Dubia roaches and about 60 of them have strange malformed wings, maybe blisters. I have them quarantined from the rest of my colony so that I can figure out what this is exactly. Any help would be very much appreciated, wouldn’t want any mutated offspring of these. Should I flush or feed to beardie. Thanks everyone.
  2. I have had my madagascar hissing cockroaches for a pretty long while, I'd say... half a year, maybe more? I lost track of time. I started with 10 and now have an impressive colony, but so far twice I have gotten mutated juveniles who end up like this one? They are in a plastic bin with ventilation, and a water dish, but I do not spritz it because of the gnats that arrive when I do. They are housed on aspen, which I clean once every month or two, shaking debris to the bottom and picking out the molts. They have a humidity box (plastic container with coco fiber bedding that's moist, with egg-crate on top. They LOVE hanging out in it! They live for a day or two after I find them, then are deceased. This is the second one (bigger than the first, older) and I wondered, is this normal? Is it inbreeding, should I split my colony and get new ones from someone else? Is it humidity? Or is it just natural selection or such? I'd like to right it if it is an issue. (Although, admittedly, these make interesting specimens. And perhaps, by posting/sharing, good lessons?)
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