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Found 3 results

  1. For everybody wondering about the e-mails I've sent with the professor (who is also a biochemist) who has been posting research on roaches since 1966, I will copy those below. Granted, there are over 4,800 species of roaches and no single person has researched them all to any great degree, so take away what you will from the questions and answers below. I personally have a small breeder colony that I've had less than two months, so I am not an authority on roaches of any species. I'm simply a technical person by nature that has a touch of self-diagnosed OCD who found so many websites with c
  2. I came across some information on the forums saying roaches only need about 4% protein at any given stage. As a staple my roaches get a mix of fish flakes, pellets, and whole dry cat food; I just realised the flakes and pellets are 32% and 28% protein respectively... I'll have to check the cat food when I get home from work. Every 2-4 days I feed them an assortment of fruits & veggies as well. My question is what should I look for when finding a staple food for these guys? What do you guys feed yours? Also; I'm not sure if it's relevant, but my hissers are non feeders.
  3. Alright so I want to make a fancy mix for my dubias and hissers that i will be able to put in a freezer for storage. I made a mix last night consisting of a very small amount of crushed cat-food and fish flakes, small amount of banana and cucumber, orange bell pepper, small amount of clementine, broccoli, peas, corn, iceberg lettuce, and carrots. I really love preparing meals for vegetarian animals for some reason, I love feeding our sulcata at my animal science class. Now I want to have a massively varied and healthy diet, both to benefit them and to in the far future benefit my Varanus rudi
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