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Found 1 result

  1. I am new to the site and posted something like this in the wrong section. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I just bought a large Dubia colony about 1 month ago. The guy wasn't taking care of them. I am trying to save the colony. i have 1 adult Bearded Dragon and 24 hatchlings with another 25 eggs incubating. So you can see why i bought a large colony. The guy had them off of heat stored in an insulated garage. When i went to pick them up the egg crates where wet and they had a smell. I immediatly removed all the damp egg crates and put new ones in. I also removed several males, the ratio was way off from neglect i guess. I would guess i took out 1000 males to get the ratio right in the 2 totes. I am housing them in 35 gal tote's. All together i would say i have 20,000. i thought the smell would eventually go away. No suck luck yet. New egg crates in both tote's. i noticed several dead could have been old age i dont know. They are still reproducing, so i removed all the nymth's to a new 20 gal tote to be safe, and will continue to do that. He was feeding them cat food i thought may be causing the smell so i removed all of the fras to ensure i got all the cat food out. I was told that the cat food could have caused them to be in kidney failure in a way, and that the build up of uric acid could be making them sick from the high protien cat food. Should i be concerned about feeding them to my dragons? Any other idea's for getting rid of the smell? I did notice some little gnats in the tote's during clean out and after cleaning out all the fras i dont see them any more. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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